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SAMSUNG Galaxy S20FE – The One For All Seasons

Have you ever watched Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade? If you have not it basically ends with Indie stuck in a chamber with the villain facing the impossible choice of finding the Holy Grail. In this case the grail is in the form of a chalice or cup. The clincher though is that the chamber is full of different cups. Pick the right one and you get eternal life – pick the wrong one and you shrivel up and turn to dust. Where am I going with this? Well, although the choice of a new device is certainly not life or death, picking the wrong phone can inevitably leave you filled with disappointment and regret.

I have been testing the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE for the last two weeks and I believe that the question of which device is right has been answered. The Samsung Galaxy 20FE has everything you could ever need or want (at least for most users). It brings some premium features in a more affordable package and hits all the right notes. A great balance between spec and price. Whether you are a social media butterfly, business user, avid photographer or just use the basics, the Samsung Galaxy S20FE will tick all the boxes – it is the safe bet.

Safe bet sounds boring right? The Samsung Galaxy S20FE is anything but. When I say safe bet, I mean this is the one to go for if you do not know where to start or where to look. To avoid disappointment, lean into the Samsung Galaxy S20FE. I will be honest here – whilst it may not have the best camera or biggest battery of them all what the Samsung S20FE does provide is a great all-rounder – in my opinion you will not find one disappointing element on this device.


Jumping into the design portion of the review what hits you right off the bat is the 6.5-inch Super AMOLED Infinity O Display. With a tiny punch hole for the selfie camera the display is bright and vibrant – packing a punch with the outstanding colours. Everything you would expect from a premium Samsung handset. Whilst it is FHD+ it does take a slight downgrade from the curved glass in its flat glass design. Other concessions made were the “glasstic” back. Steering away from the glass and metal the S20FE has a more matte plastic back. You know what I like about this? No fingerprints!

Best yet the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE boasts a 120Hz refresh rate – reserved generally for flagship, more expensive devices. Your scrolling is smooth as butter, responsive and elegant. Coming in a range of fantastic colours with an old school squarish shape – the Samsung Galaxy S20FE is funky yet refined and would like great in the hands of a teen blogger or business exec.


Performance wise you cannot go wrong here – packed with 128GB onboard memory and 6GB RAM the Samsung S20 FE gives you plenty of space and speed to do pretty much any task with ease. Multitasking is not a problem and lag never comes into play. I would have liked to have seen slightly more RAM but 6GB is perfectly respectable.

Where most brands sacrifice some key elements to make an affordable version of their flagships, Samsung has managed to bypass this sometimes-annoying habit. So yes, you get an IP68 water and dust resistance rating with the Samsung Galaxy S20FE and yes it supports wireless charging. You are also lucky enough to get the optical in display fingerprint sensor. Not a fan of the fingerprint, do not worry. Facial recognition and the classic pin are your other security fallbacks.

The S20FE supports 25W fast charging – you only get a 15W brick in the box, but the accessories are freely available. You get a 4500mAh battery built in – more powerful than the S20 and from my experience I got more than a day of use – including a mix of Netflix, YouTube, and general browsing.


Camera wise you get a Triple AI camera, and admittedly it has lower spec than its big brother but the 12MP+12MP+8MP sensors capture great images with ease and offer pics that any self-respecting blogger would be happy with. Along with the usual suspects including slo-mo, hyper lapse, night shot, panorama and more the Galaxy S20FE brings the single take technology offered on the Samsung premium range into its offering.

Single take for those that do not know is a built-in feature on the camera system. Simply put you press the button and for 10 seconds the cameras (yes, all three) will capture the moment. At the end of it you are presented with a range of pictures, GIFS, and videos from different points of view. Use them all or select the best – the choice is yours. What the device will do is present you with the best pic of the lot.

Usage wise the camera changes very easily between the normal, Ultra-wide and macro lenses with no real effort. The 32MP selfie camera packs a wallop and is a much higher spec’d than the Samsung Galaxy S20. Now on the downside you do not have the option of 8K recording – a dealbreaker I think not but worth mentioning.

To keep costs down the Samsung S20FE is only offered in the LTE version in South Africa, after moving from a 5G phone to this device I cannot honestly say I noticed much difference but if you are playing the long game it may be worth noting.

At R14999 prepaid or from R529 on contract the Samsung Galaxy S20FE falls in the mid-price range, however had it been priced higher it would have still been understandable given the fantastic benefits you get.

To summarize, the Samsung Galaxy S20FE offers an incredible all-round experience for any user. If you find yourself faced with the choice go with this device – it is the wise choice. Just like the US elections I am going to call this – The Samsung Galaxy S20FE, at least for me, is the phone of 2020.


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LG Velvet Review – A phone that doesn’t disappoint!

LG Velvet 5G Featured image

LG Velvet 5G – Our Hands-on Review

Reading a review about a phone and experiencing it first-hand are different experiences – what works for one is annoying for another. What stands out for one pales in comparison for another. For me, I am just an everyday person who wants my device to work – and to work well. No, I am not an influencer, nor am I anyone famous, but what I am is impatient. I hate to wait, and I hate to struggle with tech. With that I mind, I reviewed the LG Velvet, and I loved it.

First things first, the design is something futuristic. It’s Tall and long would think it would be awkward to operate, but that was not the case at all. Easy and comfortable to hold the design made sense to me, and I believe other devices could and should consider going this route. The mix of glass and metal in the design gives it an elegant yet sexy look – kinda like the cool kid on the block. The curved 6.8-inch OLED display offers a bright, vivid and dare I say exciting viewing experience. Exciting because no matter what I was viewing, I felt immersed. The screen-embedded fingerprint sensor was also very convenient to operate and gave me no issues at all. The design comes with the comfort of being IP68 water and dust resistant, and while not rugged, it is MIL-STD-810G compliant, so whether you get thrown in the pool or take a tumble it is all good!

LG Velvet - iP68 image

Now, back to my patience issue… I think LG may have missed the boat on calling this beauty Velvet Lighting. This baby is quick! Although it sports a mid-range processor – you wouldn’t say. I experienced no lag and no buffering – an issue I had on my previous mid-range device. I must have spent at least 10 minutes, just scrolling from one YouTube post to the next just because I was that impressed. Truth be told I was trying to catch the phone out – it did not work! And yes, its 5G – one of the few models on the market that are. Packed with 6GB RAM multitasking was a breeze.

LG Velvet - 5G image

If I am going to nitpick – the camera could have performed a little better; however, it still produced great shots. The placement of the triple camera system vertically on the back makes sense and its neat. Day time shots are great, and the night view mode works just as well. Featuring 10x zoom I must admit the photos were a bit grainy but seriously I would never use this function anyway, so I’m not even mad. What I did really like is the simple access of Google Lens built into the software. If you haven’t used it before it has several functions like identifying what you are looking at and suggesting where you can buy it, to translating signs in a foreign language. Also, the obligatory food and building identifiers. We cannot travel now, but it’s a cool feature to have at the tip of your fingers.

The video function can record in Full HD and has a handy stabilizer built into the software as well. So, if you’re nervous or just naturally shaky, the Velvet has your back! What I liked about the recording function was the sound options built into the recording software. ASMR recording amplifies the sound, so even the softest noise becomes audible. Voice Bokeh reduces this noise so you can focus on the subject at hand. And yes, I am sure there are apps for this but it is cool to have decent options ready to go.

lg velvet - asmr img

The sound is great. It does not have LG’s Quad DAC tech built-in, but that’s okay. The speakers were loud enough, and the sound quality was excellent And, LG has included the 3.5mm jack which seems to be disappearing from the scene – I see you LG and thank you!

Finally, the battery comes in at 4300mAh – now considering the size of the screen this may not seem impressive, but the Velvet lasted me through the day with mid to heavy usage, and I still had a little to spare by bedtime – so good going and well done.

If you could not tell already, I love this device. It is cool, it is slick, and most importantly, it does what it is supposed to and well. For me, the way the device works is paramount – not necessarily what it can offer. The LG Velvet delivers on features, and my user experience was top class – I would recommend this phone to anyone. Coming at R11799 on prepaid you can also get a cool cover and screen protector for this device from R150 each.

My sign off? If you get this phone – you will not be disappointed!



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Energea Car Charger Range: By our staff – not an ad agency!

Energea car charger featured img

Energea is a leading provider of power solutions for the modern mobile consumer. Energea is committed to delivering power solutions of the highest quality with safety of the highest standards. Today, Energea’s range of power solutions are stylishly designed to meet all needs- from office, travel, home to car.

With advances in fast and wireless charging technologies, we preview the latest high-quality Energea range of car charges available at Cellucity stores nationwide or online here:

Created By: Fuad Rashid at Cellucity Gateway

This is an info video created by our staff as part of our “not another ad agency” campaign. We hope you find them fun and informative.

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Body Glove On Demand Screen Protector Range – By our staff, not an ad agency

body glove logo img

Cellucity is an authorised agent for the Body Glove on-demand screen protector range. These screen protectors are individually machine cut for almost any cellphone, tablet or smartwatch. These screen protectors offer better protection than conventional screen glass. The key benefits are:

  • Ultra-thin so they do not affect the touch sensitivity of your screen
  • Fingerprint sensitive for easy unlocking
  • Shock resistance properties and will not shatter
  • Self-healing for minor scratches
  • Precision machine-cut for almost all cellphone models
  • Ideal for any curved glass cellphone, tablet or smartwatch
  • Available in a Matt or Gloss finish
  • Available at all Cellucity stores – nationwide

By Charne – Cellucity Hemmingways

This is an info video created by our staff as part of our “not another ad agency” campaign. We hope you find them fun and informative.

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Introducing DreamLab – The App that helps fight COVID-19

DreamLab featured image

Help with COVID-19 and cancer research

Introducing DreamLab – a free, secure app from Vodafone Foundation that harnesses the power of a connected world. Join the thousands of people speeding up vital COVID-19 and cancer research while they sleep. #FightCOVID19InYourSleep tonight.

Vodacom in partnership with Vodafone is leading the charge against COVID-19 by #StayingConnected. Join the #DreamTeam, download the DreamLab app to help fight COVID-19 while you sleep. You can help us take the fight to COVID-19 by downloading DreamLab today.

Download on Google Play Logo
Download on App store logo

We have teamed up with Imperial College London to launch the new Corona-AI project, which harnesses the power of a connected world and DreamLab technology to help in the fight against COVID-19. DreamLab in the UK has been supporting Project DRUGS alongside Imperial College London in vital cancer research for over two years. This project is still available in the app and will continue in parallel with the new COVID-19-focused project.

How does the DreamLab App work:

DreamLab lets thousands of people help speed up vital COVID-19 and cancer research while they sleep. Best of all, it’s completely free and secure. Download DreamLab today, #SleepLikeAHero tonight. Scroll down in the projects tab in the app to select the project you would like to work on.


Charge your phone overnight and #SleepLikeAHero.


While you sleep, DreamLab taps into its unused processing power and turns your phone into a virtual supercomputer to support Covid-19 and vital cancer research.


Your phone is capable of processing billions of calculations. DreamLab harnesses its power and lets it join the thousands of other DreamLab users across the UK to research better ways to fight COVID-19 and cancer.


Image of people that have loaded the dreamlabs app - lifestyle image


DreamLab and your data

DreamLab doesn’t access or collect personal or private information. It’ll ask to access photo and media folders to store tiny research problems in a directory while your phone processes and solves them. It’ll then only access the files it creates in that specific file directory – and nothing else.

No private information, no photos, no data – just incredibly important COVID-19 and cancer research data.

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5G is here! We answer the questions and debunk the myths!

cellucity 5G theme image

There has been a lot of talk and uncertainty surrounding 5G. With questions like; what is 5G, how does it work, what are the risks, when and where will it be available, and what will it cost? Fake news may even have you believing a base station could create and spread a virus, like COVID-19! So, we thought we would answer some of the questions around 5G and its launch in South Africa.

What is 5G?

5G banner image


Well, many of us will remember when phones first started accessing the internet. WAP developed into slow 2G, patchy 3G and then the upgrade to current 4G/ LTE technology. The ever-increasing speeds started matching and competing with traditional fixed-line ADSL infrastructure. 5G (5th Generation) is the next evolution of this technology. It has the capability of offering faster, cheaper and a more stable connection than even Fibre.

How does 5G differ from Fibre?

It is best to understand the difference between Fibre and BroadBand internet. It has become acceptable to use the term broadband to describe any internet that is faster than the old dial-up from the 80’s.

In its true sense broadband refers to a band or grouping of radio frequencies that carry signal (in this case 5G data).

Fibre is different in that while it still transmits a signal, it does so using a single frequency laser (light) over a fibre optic cable – two different methods offering a similar service.

Which is better 5G or Fibre?

As fibre internet has entered into the realm of connectivity, we have seen a massive jump in speeds and ever faster internet connectivity. Fibre has proven to be fast, stable and allow for data to be transferred over much longer distances without significant signal loss.

Is it however heavily limited in the fact that it needs a physical connection (fibre cable) to transfer data. Laying this fibre “backbone” is probably the reason your street has been dug up recently!? Once your block or suburb has Fibre, you still need a service provider to install a connection between the backbone and your home, which at best takes days, at worst, weeks or even months.

5G microwaves pattern vs fibre optic cables image

So, if Fibre is so fast, what is the benefits of 5G?

Since 5G works over radio frequency, it does not require cables to be laid, roads to be dug up and it can be activated immediately. The frequencies used to transmit the signal support faster speeds than current fibre technology offer. This makes 5G a much more suitable solution for mobile internet, and it will be essential for Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as connected homes and appliances, self-driving cars, drones, cameras and more.

How fast will 5G be?

Super damn fast! With indicative speeds of 20 Gigabytes download per second and 10GB upload (4G is at 300mbps and 75MBmbps) and a latency of less than one millisecond. 5G will blow Fibre away in terms of speed. Streaming an 8K Full HD movie from Netflix or Showmax will be a breeze with virtually zero lag.

When will 5G be available?

While Vodacom has officially launched their 5G service, there are only 20 active base stations – 18 in Gauteng and 2 in Cape Town. We are still a while away from mass adoption. Like 4G and 3G before it, we can expect Vodacom to focus its rollout program to major cities and hubs.

What is 5G going to cost?

Well, first you will need a 5G device. Your current phone or modem will not be able to transmit and decode the 5G signal. The first 5G handset that will be released by Cellucity is LG V50 ThinQ with a suggested retail price of R14299. We have seen a delay in the arrival of the new 5G routers, but we will have two models arriving shortly. The Nokia Fastmile 5G Gateway 1 with an expected retail price of R6499 and the Huawei 5G CPE Pro – expected to price around R12999. These devices will be offered, bundled on 5G internet plans on both 24 and 36-month deals. Deals are suggested to start from R899pm. But don’t rush to your nearest store just yet, the initial stock has been delayed and coverage is very limited.

Will a 5G Device work in areas with no 5G Coverage?

Yes, devices will still support current frequency ranges. 5G devices will just include the ability to process 5G signal. The handover between frequencies should also be seamless. Building a broad 5G network will take years, it would be nonsensical to develop a device that doesn’t support current 3G and 4G technology.

What are the downsides of 5G?

Currently, our 4G / LTE connections use frequencies that are below 6Mhz to deliver internet speeds. 5G connections will use spectrum up to 24Ghz. For cellular to match Fibre internet, networks have required access to a wider range of spectrum frequency. This frequency allocation has been strictly controlled and limited by the Government.

The lower the frequency spectrum, the further your radio wave can travel, and the more it can penetrate through materials. For example, your FM radio operates up to 300Mhz and has a wavelength of around 1m.  Current 4G/ LTE cellphones use frequencies from 900Mhz and up. Its wavelengths are measure in centimetres. With 5G, the wavelength is measured in millimetres. This does pose some problems for the design of 5G networks: Millimeter waves are easily blocked by foliage and buildings. For sufficient coverage, it will require many closely spaced micro base stations, called small cells.

Fortunately, these stations are much cheaper, smaller and require less power than traditional cell towers. They can be placed atop buildings, light posts or anywhere outside your home.

Is 5G it safe?

Many of the health concerns are over 5G’s use of millimetre-wave radiation but not all radiation is equal.

“There’s often confusion between ionising and non-ionizing radiation because the term radiation is used for both,” said Kenneth Foster, a professor of bioengineering at Pennsylvania State University. “All light is radiation because it is simply energy moving through space. It is ionising radiation that is dangerous because it can break chemical bonds.”

“Ionising radiation is the reason we wear sunscreen outside because short-wavelength ultraviolet light from the sky has enough energy to knock electrons from their atoms, damaging skin cells and DNA.

Millimetre waves used for 5G, on the other hand, are non-ionizing because they have longer wavelengths and not enough energy to damage cells directly.”

Did 5G create or help spread COVID-19?

Fake news around the launch of 5G has been spreading for a while. What possibly started as a joke or a hoax, has spread and developed a cult-like following.  The origins are unclear, but most people will realise the absurdity of such a claim – similar to the flat earth conspiracy theories. For those still a little unsure, it is verifiably untrue. Viruses are parasitic organisms. To suggest a cellular tower can create and spread structured genetic material, out of thin air, is patently false.


So, there we have it, SUPER FREAKING FAST, Super freaking safe!

Sign me up!Vodacom 5G contract rates card

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The Best Just Got Better

Our top-selling phone last year was the amazing Huawei P30 Lite. Offering incredible value with specifications that pleased a wide selection of consumers, it was simply a hit!

Great processing power, fantastic camera’s, sexy look and all at a reasonable price that didn’t break the bank!

So what has the new P40 Lite got to offer? Well much of the same but, with an upgraded feature set! The camera array has been boosted to a 48MP Main Camera, 8MP Ultrawide, 2MP Macro lens and 2MP Bokeh lens. The front-facing selfie camera now comes in at 16MP with a cool new “Super Night Selfie Mode”, delivering great shots at night time or in the club!

The camera also packs in Artificial Intelligence (AI), to give you better selfies, popping panoramas and lively landscapes.

Charging has also had a turbo boost added and sports superfast charging at 40W. It is incredible how quickly you can pump your baby up when you on the run and only have 15 minutes to juice up. Packing a 4200 mAh battery the phone will outlast your hectic social schedule easily.

The overall design is super slick and looks the business. Something anyone would be proud to pull out and plant on the coffee table while grabbing a hazelnut mocha café latte 😊. The fingerprint sensor has been moved onto the side of the phone, a feature which I loved on the Sony Xperia range.

As with the other P40 series phones, the P40 Lite sports Huawei Mobile Service (HMS) and the Huawei App Store, which while at this stage doesn’t incorporate all the apps you may be used to but it does cater for the main ones.

So go on be different, be creative and do it better with the P40 Lite.

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Best Buys for 2020 with Cellucity

Good deals are hard to come by – everyone is advertising the best price and the best deal – where do you start? Depending on what you are looking for the search for the ultimate win is often long and drawn out. We here at Cellucity want to make this journey a little easier so we have carefully selected our best budget buys for 2020 in a range of categories to help you out


The Cubot brand is synonymous with great value and their two new offerings are no different. The Cubot P30 and Cubot X20 Pro offer premium specs at budget friendly devices.


Coming in at R2999 the Cubot P30 offers a 6.3 Inch display, 64GB onboard memory and 4GB RAM. Along with the triple rear camera and 13MP selfie camera you also get a 4000mAh battery ensuring that your device lasts you through the day. With a conveniently placed fingerprint sensor the Cubot P30 does not compromise on design and offer a premium look. Available online here

Cubot X20 Pro

The Cubot X20 Pro offers an impressive 6GB RAM, 128GB onboard memory as well as a 6.3 Inch FHD+ display. The Cubot X20 Pro offers a triple rear camera, 13MP selfie camera, 4000mAh battery and is encased in a beautiful glass body design. All this for R3999. Check it out here

Both devices perform beautifully, come in black and blue, are Dual SIM and would most certainly not look out of place next to more expensive options out there.


Whether you are looking at something for the gym, something for work or something to help you with down time we have some great deals for you this month


Our very own ENOD brand of true wireless earphones are powerful in ear buds that come with a charging case compact enough to carry around. Offered in either blue or black the sound quality is fantastic and the 500mAh charging case will offer enough power to see you through a full week of gym workouts. The secure fit ensures that even when you are having an intense workout the buds remain secure. With an IPX5 sweatproof design you can pick up a pair for R799 this month from our online store here


The Plantronics BackBeat Go 600 are a fantastic over ear option for either work or entertainment. The Plantronics BackBeat Go 600 headset is lightweight and wireless. With memory foam cups and a compact design these headsets are perfect for travelers. Offering advanced acoustic technology for deep, rich sound the PLantroncis BackBeat Go 600 are on sale this month for R999 saving you R500 – get them here

For our daily travelers (the brave souls who can’t stay home currently) we have a fantastic range of in-ear wired headsets that you can easily pop in your pocket or handbag for the daily trek. Starting from R149 our range of Recci and Langsdom headsets offer quality build and sound at fantastic pricing – Get yours today here


With school holidays having come early and along with it the need to keep your kiddies inside and safe – we have the perfect companions to keep them from getting bored and frustrated.


Our Larry’s Retro Gaming Console offers up great nostalgia – taking you back to the nineties with classics like super Mario Brothers and Circus. Load Shedding? No problem! This handy little gadget is battery operated ensuring that even when the lights go out , the fun doesn’t. On offer for R399 find yours here


Taking us back to the 90’s yet again -the era of the  Tamogochi has made another appearance! The Larry’s Virtual Pet offers a variety of different animals to choose from and hours of fun for your little one. At R199 this is a firm favourite here at Cellucity HQ – find it here


iTouch Air 2

A new addition to our catalogue is the iTouch Air 2 Smartwatch. Offering up a classic and sporty design the iTouch Air 2 is a great and affordable way for those wanting to kick up their fitness regime. Along with the classic fitness features such as a Heart Rate Monitor , the iTouch Air 2 also features notifications for calls and messages. Armed with an alarm and stop watch this device is a firm favourite with our Head Office Team and a steal at only R899. Get yours here



With so many brands available we appreciate that the search for the perfect gaming gear can be complicated.


Our current star is the Plantronics Rig range of headsets. With a sturdy build and comfortable design the range comes in version for PC, XBOX and PS4. With ventilated earcups and noise cancelling mics the Rig series are also backed by a 2 year warranty. Starting from R899 we are confident that if you are looking for great value on a budget you cannot go wrong with these. Find them here



From cables to power banks our wide range of Energea accessories offers something for everyone. With our power banks ranging from 5000mAh to 20000mAh – whether you are looking for something in an emergency or something to last the long haul we have it. See the full range here


Our cables are also strong, durable and made from the highest quality materials. With our Duraglitz range coming with a 5 year warranty and our Nylotough Xtreme range coming with a 10 year warranty you can be sure you are getting a great deal! See the range here


Our great deals are by no means limited to the above products – check out our website for more great offers. Any questions pop us a message on our Whatsapp line on 0827784400. After hours? Email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.





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Remote Meetings? What’s the best way to connect?

Lifestyle - a stylish home office setup -Photo by Michael Soledad

Working from home is becoming a necessity to help flatten the curve. What facilities or services are available to make meetings and interactions with your colleagues and customers?

For larger organisations, many will already have a preferred teleconference service like Microsoft Teams or a platform like Zoom. For a smaller SME or business what services are available for you to use for virtual meetings.

lifestyle image of an empty boardroom - meeting office

Firstly, you need to consider a few things, cost, privacy and method of communication.

From a cost perspective a voice call dial out from your mobile would be based on your existing contract package, so best to check what your per minute/ second cost is and possibly purchase additional Voice Minute bundles through the “My Vodacom” app as and when you need.

A cheaper option would then be voice calls via WhatsApp, Facetime (Apple),Facebook Messenger or Skype. Here privacy becomes a concern. Some employees or customer may not want to engage with their mobile number (WhatsApp & Facetime) or reveal their Facebook profiles. That’s where Skype is a more ideal option.

For straight “voice calls” via Skype/ Whatsapp / Facetime / Messenger they use roughly 0.15MB to 0.5MB per minute so are very cost-effective.

When you start looking a Video Calls and Conferencing services the most popular services presently would be Skype and Google Hangouts. Depending on the video quality selected, the quality of your camera and the number of participants on the Video call, the data consumption can be anything from 5MB up to around 25MB per minute.

Lifestyle Image - Man Working on a sofa

Ideally, for Video Calls, it is ideal to use Wi-Fi or a Fiber connection for large or lengthy calls. A two-person Video Conference can consume between 300MB and 1GB of data over an hour.  So, if using a mobile be cognizant of what data bundle you have.

The quality of Skype and Google Hangouts / Meet are very good, but for larger meetings, it is often better to use a subscription-based service, such as Zoom or Cisco’s Webex which provides a far more reliable solution. Both these paid services do offer either a free plan or a limited trial free plan.

Our online team have suggested some must-have, work from home products, here


Established in 1994, Cellucity is a specialist mobile phone retailer and Vodacom’s leading independent, award-winning, dealer. We pride ourselves on offering the best service, innovation, quality brands and innovative products. For real 24-hour convenience, browse our extensive range of cell phones, accessories and gadgets online or apply for pre-approval on your next contract, upgrade or fibre internet.
Cellucity, the best way to connect to Vodacom.
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Get the most days off with our 2020 public holiday calendar!

Already caught up in the chaos of 2020? Then, you’ll be happy to know that your next holiday may not be too far away.
South Africa’s 2020 public holiday calendar is treating you to FOUR long weekends, and we’ve compiled a calendar of sneaky leave days so that you can treat yourself to an extended break, why not!
Download a printable copy here: Cellucity_Holiday_Calendar_2020