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Discover Cellucity’s exciting journey from humble beginnings to becoming Vodacom’s leading retailer in South Africa.

Who Is Cellucity?

The Very Beginning
Cellucity officially started in 1994, but its foundations were being laid from as early as 1991 – well before cellular technology had arrived in South Africa. It was in the age of the “pager” or beeper as it was more commonly known as back then. Our CEO Sean Joffe started the business by selling analogue car-phones. It was truly a “from the boot of your car” business start-up.

In 1994 GSM cellphone networks were finally ready to become operational in South Africa.  Very few people saw any potential in this expensive and untested product. But, Sean saw the opportunity and didn’t hesitate to get involved.

Cellucity Is Born
Through some keen selling skills, we managed to secure a lease for a kiosk at the V&A Waterfront. Why the Waterfront owners gave Cellucity a lease is still a mystery to this day! After all, we were pitching a concept of selling network “airtime” on a network of “base stations” that wasn’t yet built – to customers that had no idea what a “mobile phone” was. And, all of this from a small kiosk, based in a “shed”, in the heart of Cape Town’s harbour – an area that, at the time, nobody, thought would become a premium retail destination.

As testimony to our long-lasting relationship with the V&A Waterfront, our head-office is still located in its Granger Bay Court building, where our management team have a view of Cape Town’s famous Table Mountain and still get frightened, daily, by the sound of Cape Town’s historical Noon Gun.

Cellucity Changes The Mobile World
From those humble beginnings, backed by a forward-thinking CEO and an incredible management team, Cellucity were able to record a host of industry “firsts”:

  • The first dealership in the world to sell pre-paid SIM cards. You may not be aware but Pre-Paid was a South African invention.
  • The first retail partner in the world to sell physical pre-paid airtime recharge vouchers. Do you remember those old-school scratch cards?
  • The first local dealership to offer integrated and virtual airtime vouchers.
  • One of the first e-commerce websites and the first cellular online store in South Africa.


Where We Are Today
The heart of any company is the combination and strength of people working for it. Cellucity’s senior management team making up General Management, Marketing, Finance, HR and Operations have been together for a combined age of over 150 years. That is an amazing statistic! It is these partnerships that have led us to the company we know and love today.

We now operate 32 award-winning retail branches nationally and some of our other successful, related businesses are:

Apple Doctor – Cellucity has a majority stake in this Apple and Huawei repair business, with technicians based at each of our retail stores nationally. – An international prepaid SIM card service for international travellers.
Cellucity Insurance – Our cellphone insurance business, specialising in insurance sales and replacements for the South African insurance industry.
Skunkworx – Our successful cellphone accessory brand and import business.
Vodacom Rentals – offering a mobile phone rental and billing services to business and international travellers.

What Makes Cellucity Different:

Our Customer-Centric Approach
Cellucity has been Vodacom’s leading independent dealer since our inception in 1994. Our focus has always been to provide you (our customers) with innovative and great quality brands, the best service and unmatched customer assistance and support.

Our highly trained sales consultants engage with you so they can truly understand your requirements. This process allows us to offer the best, customised, advice and support. Our goal is for each customer to leave our store feeling happy about their experience and to wake up the next day still feeling the same. Our designated “data gurus” will also assist you in setting up your new device, so you are up and running as quickly as possible.

Shop Online
Shopping online with Cellucity is designed to be as easy and informative as possible. Whether you are browsing for product information, looking for our latest catalogue or looking for online shopping convenience, our online store has been developed just for you.

Our focus has always been to pick the best, most current and most exciting products. We are always on the look-out for the latest in cellular and tech products with our procurement team regularly travelling to international trade shows to handpick the best and exclusive products.

By using our contract and upgrade pre-approval forms, you can also make sure everything is ready and waiting for you before you visit your most convenient stores.

We also don’t use any AI or computer bots when you contact us. If you need any additional information help or support, contact, and you will always get assisted by an experienced and trained member of staff to offer you the best advice.

Nationwide Delivery

For your online shopping convenience, we exclusively use RAM hand to hand couriers – South Africa’s most reliable and top-rated courier service. Each parcel is sent using RAMs premium next day delivery service ensuring your order gets delivered within 24-48 hours*.

Click and Collect

We also offer a “click and collect” service meaning you can buy any product online and collect from any one of our 32 retail stores nationally. You get to enjoy the benefits of our online exclusive products and prices with the peace of mind of being able to collect your order and get support from your nearest branch at your convenience.

We hope you enjoy our online shopping experience or visit one of our stores to browse our products, get personalised advice and experience premium service.

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*RAM’s next day service offers 24-48 hour delivery within major towns and cities throughout South Africa. Rural deliveries may take a day or two longer depending on location.
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