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PAPERVIDEO Mathematics CAPS Exam Papers – English

Grade 10, 11 & 12


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  • 530+ Past Exam Questions
  • Video & Written Solutions For All Questions
  • Suitable For IEB Exam Preparation
  • Includes Exam Guidelines & Proofs Of Examinable Theorems
  • Pack Includes Memory Card & Memory Stick


Paper Video is a team of experienced South African teachers who use innovation and technology to dramatically increase the reach of their lessons. Founded by Chris Mills and Paul Maree in June 2014, the initiative received seed funding from the Millenium Trust and went on to release their first set of resources (353 exam questions and solution videos for Grade 12 Mathematics) in September 2014. In the two months preceding the 2014 NSC final exams, Paper Video amassed over 2 000 online users and 37 000 video views. With the subsequent demand for more grades and subjects expressed by students across the country, Paper Video went on to expand dramatically and now caters for Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Natural Sciences and Accounting from Grade 8 to 12.

Paper Video gives you the power to turn your phone, tablet or computer into your own personal teacher for high school Maths, Physics, Life Science & Accounting.

Register and sign in to start accessing our Exam Books and Subject Maps that include thousands of video lessons by experienced teachers.

When you get stuck on any question in the Exam Books or any concept in our Subject Maps, simply watch the video lesson for that question or concept via our website or one of our apps.

The videos are available both online and offline. Offline access makes it possible for people across South Africa to watch our videos WITHOUT the need for data or an internet connection. In this way, any student in South Africa with an Android device or Windows computer can gain instant access to a quality teacher for the specific problem they are struggling with, irrespective of whether they are able to afford connection to the internet or a cent of data.


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