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Application for a Vodacom Fibre Service - Individual Application

  • SECTION A: Individual Application

  • (This section must be completed when an individual is applying)
  • (This section must be completed in full)
  • SECTION B: Vodacom Fibre Broadband Price Plan Selection (all pricing incl VAT)

  • Prices will vary according to the back-haul provider inyour area
  • Optional Selection
  • Optional Selection
  • * Fair Usage Policy (FUP) applicable on all uncapped products ** If you want to keep your existing fixed line number, please also complete GNP request form *** Snom 300 finance option only available with 24 month Contract term
  • SECTION C: Existing Vodacom Customer Details

  • NOTE: If the order is placed under a name different to section A (e.g. company, family member), please provide a signed letter from the account holder to authorize billing from the existing account. **** The billing account number can be found on the top right hand corner of your statement labelled "Account Number"
  • SECTION D: New Vodacom Customer Details

  • Payment Details
  • yy/mm
  • Residential Information
  • yy/mm
  • yy/mm
  • Employment History
  • yy/mm
  • yy/mm
  • SECTION E: Declaration

    We will offer you a quote estimate according to your requirements before credit vetting your application
  • *This is a pre-vetting form and does not constitute a formal agreement.

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