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Huawei Nova 5T, launching at Cellucity soon…


With Huawei being caught up in the Trump trade war, we managed to miss out on getting access to the rather incredible Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

The US Trade blacklist of Huawei has prevented it from licensing Android technology from Google and gaining access to Google Services, that are used, to power Google’s apps. So as incredible as the Huawei Mate 30 hardware is, vendors around the globe haven’t been too keen to roll the dice on a device that lacked access to essential applications like Google Maps, You Tube etc…

With us heading towards Christmas season and Samsung and Apple launching their latest iconic devices, Huawei needed to bring something to the party!


Huawei Nova – Crush Blue

Enter the Huawei Nova 5T, planned and approved before the US blacklist this photography powerhouse is still Google approved and runs Android Pie (9). Whilst the Nova range has traditionally not available in the South African market, Huawei has opted to release it here and it will be available early in November 2019.

The NOVA lineup, in the Huawei stable, sits in between the youth-focused Y-series and the more premium orientated P-series. It offers an aspirational trendsetter, a phone that is as unique as it is powerful!

First off, the stunning colours Mid-Summer Purple and Crush Blue, give a fresh new funky look, my preference being the Purple, which subtly has the Nova logo etched into the facia creating a dynamic wow appeal. It really has to be seen “in the flesh” to be appreciated.





Huawei Nova – Mid-Summer Purple

From a tech perspective, the Nova is not all just about style and very much about brilliant photography. A rear array of quad cameras leading with 48MP main camera, Macro lens, 16MP Ultra Wide Angle lens with supporting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help optimize scene selection, your photos will be the envy of your Instagram followers!

And if taking greater photos was not enough, the front-facing camera is a staggering 32MP and also sports AI to ensure your Selfies always have you looking your best.

Other stand out features are a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, 8GB of RAM (great for gaming apps like PUBG) and 128GB onboard memory, the Nova 5T certainly ticks all the boxes!

The Huawei Nova 5T will be priced from R599 per month on a Vodacom contract and will retail for R11999. It is certainly going to be a strong contender against the more expensive “iconic” devices when comparing its specs.

The first 2000 lucky owners in SA will also receive a Huawei MediaPad T5 tablet valued at R3999. All in all, the Huawei Nova 5T is a great choice for this summer! For more information visit





Established in 1994, Cellucity is a specialist mobile phone retailer and Vodacom’s leading independent, award-winning, dealer. We pride ourselves on offering the best service, innovation, quality brands and innovative products.

For real 24 hour convenience, browse our extensive range of cell phones, accessories and gadgets online or apply for pre-approval on your next contract, upgrade or fibre internet.

Cellucity, the best way to connect to Vodacom.


*this article was edited on 23/10/2019 to reflect the confirmed recommended retail price.




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The Samsung Galaxy A80 – Rotating camera? Say whaaaat…

With new phones being released frequently it is quite rare to find something that catches your eye immediately. But with the Samsung Galaxy A80, this happened way before I even got my hands on one. Why, do you ask? Well, it is something different, isn’t it? Not to say that innovation has not been rampant of late BUT with the A80 it’s a tangible innovation – not just software or camera pixels.

Let’s get past the tech talk quick. This device places just below the premium top tier space but, you wouldn’t say so. Packing a punch with 8GB RAM (yes 8GB RAM) I have never had the pleasure of such a smooth user experience, quick and fast – just what you want on the go. The Samsung Galaxy A80 has 128GB onboard memory and although it is lacking a memory card slot 128GB is solid – the average user will not exceed this in my opinion.

You get a 3700mAh battery and the phone is supported by Fast Charge at 25W. I tested the device to the hilt and found the battery performed very well. I was concerned that the battery may be a bit small to support all the functionality but after fully charging up on a Friday night after a full day’s use it only dropped to 81%.

For those who do not use their phone very often, with low usage, I  managed to get a 7-day standby time and only saw the battery dropping by 20%. This phone is efficient with power.



If this hasn’t got you interested yet the design most will. Some will call it heavy – I call it solid. It is not uncomfortable to operate one-handed and really isn’t that much heavier than your average device. Yes, it is a bit thicker, but the beautiful glass design and metal frame make it worth it.

The real kicker here though is the display. I kept coming back to it and honestly it had my friends mesmerized. At 6.7 inch you are bordering on tablet territory, but this display is notch-less and almost completely bezel-less – a new Infinity Display. This is the most screen real estate I have seen on a device. They have managed this by building their Selfie Camera into the main camera and using a rotating mechanism to pop up and out when it is selfie time.

The Super AMOLED Full HD+ display provided a vibrant colour and great viewing experience. Now not as highly spec’d as your top range devices I really don’t think this will matter to most users – it certainly didn’t to me. Honestly, this display will speak to all content viewers be it the occasional Facebook user, Content Uploader or your “bored at work” Netflix watcher.

Another excellent feature currently only found on flagship devices is the in-display fingerprint sensor. Yes, this device has it.

Unfortunately, due to the innovation, there is a concern as to the exclusion of an IP rating (one can only assume it is due to the moving parts required for the rotating camera) and the possibility of not being able to find a cover. Samsung has also excluded a headphone jack but quite honestly for me, this is no longer the biggest deal.

The design mixes old school charm with new-age innovation and I personally salute Samsung on this incredible creation.


Now let’s get to the camera. Off the bat, the rear camera gives you a triple 48MP + 8MP + TOF camera. The 8MP works with your ultra-wide-angle and your TOF camera provide great 3D depth – excellent for Live Focus and Background Blur. And best of all you get all of these on the Selfie camera as well. No more balancing act to use your back camera – simply flip the switch wait for the camera to flip and there you go! It may just be me, but I found looking at the pictures almost like looking at the scene with the naked eye – but clearer.

All the usual suspects performed brilliantly (Panorama, Slo-Mo, Live Focus,) with no lag and performed commendably in low light conditions.

Again, and I can’t stress this enough – I was blown away by the camera. The clarity and colour of the images and the ease of use make it a home run for me. I tested Live Focus and Live Focus Video with great success. This camera creates magic – take my word for it!

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy A80 has added a new software feature in its Intelligent Performance Enhancer. Essentially what this does is uses AI to learn your routine and adjusts your CPU, RAM and battery usage to enhance the performance of your phone. I didn’t have the phone long enough to test this but judging the fact my battery is still going strong and based on all the other features I can only assume it’s the real deal!

I think Samsung has really nailed it with this one. This device is so exciting, easy to use and remarkable that I will be very surprised if it doesn’t land on thousands of Christmas Wish Lists this year. It is certainly going on mine!

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Nokia 8 Review

Move over #Selfie – it’s time for #Bothie


If the cell phone world was modelled on a dining experience, the Nokia 8 would definitely be the dessert at the end – #phoneporn! This is going to be a real treasure for any social media lover. Don’t get me wrong, the Nokia 8 is a powerful smartphone capable of handling the biggest tasks with ease – but, to me, this is a social media must have!

To start, with its polished aluminium unibody, the Nokia 8 has a flawless and soft, silky feel – I felt like I had to have a manicure before I held this little jewel. Its sexy and sassy in design and I loved it!

At 7.3mm it is nice and slim and the rounded corners feel great in the hand. The 5.3-inch screen is encased in aluminium giving the Nokia 8 a solid build and feel. Unfortunately, for those of us with small hands, using it one handed can be a bit tricky. Perhaps Nokia missed a trick by not making this an edge to edge display?

Display-wise the Nokia 8 is bewitching – I could not take my eyes off the screen. The Nokia 8 offers the most clarity and brightness I have yet experienced on a handset. The colour rivals that of Samsung’s AMOLED display and the 2K display brings an almost real world experience to photo’s, streaming and social media.

Continuing our visual journey, it would be unthinkable not to include the camera. Carl Zeiss is back baby! This is by far the best camera I have come across (note: I still need to try my hand at the Sony Xperia XZ Premium camera). At 13MP front and back I wasn’t expecting fire crackers but I got real fireworks!

I can hear critics going: “Yeah-yeah, only 13MP – it’s just another camera!” But wait, let me explain… When I take a face shot, Carl Zeiss does the incredible – I can literally see every pore, every wrinkle and every sweat bead on my face – it is that detailed.

The Nokia 8 includes all the usual camera features you would expect from a flagship device – including; a spirit level, timer, photo grid, and the ever popular Bokeh camera effect. It even has a photo assistant for creating photo animations, movies and collages.

To get to the main event – can we talk about the #Bothie! When sharing photos and video feeds there is always something lost in translation. No more! For the social media kings and queens, you can now use both camera’s simultaneously. That’s right, you can take a picture or video using both the front and rear camera’s at . the . same . time! With live streaming support for both Facebook and YouTube, you can also invite your followers to share your experience with you – live! Incredible!

While I was using the Nokia 8 I got the feeling that the sound was just better. Was it perhaps just my giddiness and perhaps a case of rose-tinted glasses… Hell no! The sound is the bee’s knees. Why? I am sure it has to do with Nokia incorporating OZO Audio technology. This allows for high fidelity 360 degree recording. The audio focus allows you to accentuate certain sounds whilst reducing ambient and background noise. Relive that experience over and over in true sound.

Nokia 8 Dual view

Let’s hover around the hum drum briefly:

The Nokia 8 features the cutting edge Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 mobile platform with 4GB RAM. This is a powerful tool which performs at galloping speeds across multiple processes and still manages to use up to 25% less power. The multi-window (using two apps simultaneously) works seamlessly. The responsiveness of the fingerprint sensor is a real touch-and-go revelation! (It is quicker and less finicky than my primary flagship android phone).

But wait, there is more… The Nokia 8 runs “Pure Android” v7.1.1. This means Nokia has not included any unnecessary “bloatware”. These unnecessary apps can often slow a device down, consume battery power and use up data. With the Nokia 8 you get the true Android experience.

If I’m really going to knit-pick, the lack of wireless charging is a bit of a let-down – the Nokia 8 supports fast charging but one feels wireless charging is going to be the standard going forward. Another slight disappointment is that the Nokia 8 is only IP54 rated – splash proof but don’t get thrown in at the next pool party.

All in all, the Nokia 8 build is incredible. It is an inspired device – social media gold!

You can get the Nokia 8 for R9499 online or from R479pm on a 24 month Vodacom contract. Find out more HERE

Taken with a Nokia 8
Taken with Nokia 8
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The BlackBerry KEYone – Bringing Qwerty Back

OK, I’m just going to come right out with it. If you are someone who is looking for an uncomplicated, efficient user experience or a business person who uses their phone as the beacon of all that is professional – get ready to have your socks rocked! Continue reading The BlackBerry KEYone – Bringing Qwerty Back

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Android Apps – Google upping the Game

You use your data and download what seems like an amazing app. As soon as you go in to use it and are met with the black screen of death? Has this ever happened to you?

Due to the “open to all” nature of Android, developers can submit an unlimited number of poorly designed or even malicious apps without being subjected to any serious vetting process by Android. Continue reading Android Apps – Google upping the Game

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Nokia 3 and 5

Mobile company HMD Global has done the impossible. It has resurrected the much loved and respected Nokia brand from the ashes of the trail left behind by Microsoft Lumia. The arrival of the new devices to our shores is imminent and whilst much fanfare has been made with regards to the Nokia 6 and the iconic 3310 we should not forget that HMD is launching the Nokia 5 and the Nokia 3 as well. What resonates with me is that HMD has not decided to only offer a top flight phone but has made the Nokia accessible across all budgets. Let’s take a look at the younger siblings in this trio. Continue reading Nokia 3 and 5

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Nexus is dead. Long live Pixel

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In a world dominated by technology, when it finally comes time to upgrade our cell phone we should breathe a sigh of relief? Not so fast! Plunged into a “war of worlds” amongst brand giants how are we, mere mortals, supposed to decide on which handset will accompany us on the next two – year journey? If you are brand loyal then the decision is normally easy right? Go with the update of our previous model. However, with new competitors popping up every year the decision gets just a little bit more difficult each time. I mean, this is a commitment, a commitment to a device which will essentially become an extension of us.

Faced with a number of choices, Google has now decided it wants a bigger piece of the pie. So already confused/unsure of whether to change or stay with the same, in walks the Google Pixel and his big brother the Google Pixel XL. Who are these new kids? How dare they come in at this crucial moment, I mean we were so close to making a decision! I could bore you with terms like RAM, Processor, MP, Chipset etc, suffice it to say this is a premium device which can compete head on with all of today’s top of the rage across all of the usual specs. Why, I hear you say, should I give the Pixel the time of day? What makes it special? Well here you go.

google pixel - whiteMade by Google the Pixel will be the first Android 7.1 to feature Google Assistant built in. Google Assistant will allow two-way dialogue between you and your Pixel. By pulling all relevant information in terms of what interests you and combining it with Google’s searching and device voice controls, Google is hoping to offer a more AI user experience. For example, you would be able to ask Google Assistant where to go for dinner and not only will it offer up suggestions based on your preferences but it can also access a booking site to make your reservations.

Along with Google Assistant the Pixel will also provide 24/7 support built in, unheard of until now! For me this justifies all the hype. I don’t know about you but when I get a new phone I haven’t the foggiest as to all the apps or how it works. Day or night, help is at hand. And if you are the go to tech person in your family, 24/7 will be invaluable. We are however not sure if this feature will be supported in South Africa.

With Social Media taking over as a major form of communication surely you would want the best camera? Hashtag Smile! With an 89 DxoMark Mobile score, the Pixel is the highest rated smartphone camera ever! What on earth does this mean? In short DxOMark is the trusted industry standard for camera and lens image quality measurements and ratings. A real mouthful but what we trying to say is that this score is significant. This camera is a big deal. The 12.3MP camera delivers impressive image quality with the highest level of detail and very low level of noise (noise is camera lingo meaning any visual distortion, grainy pixelation and/or discoloration of your photos – yup, I had to look that up).

If your mind hasn’t been sufficiently blown yet, the Pixel will offer Smart Storage. Essentially coming in 32GB and 128GB when your memory is full the phone will automatically transfer to the cloud, no more space issues (the only downside is no expandable memory card slot – and cloud storage can be a little tricky in SA)! The phone is splash and dust resistant and comes in a sleek and sexy design, with Pixel imprint. With a long lasting battery, the Pixel really does make a convincing case as to why you should pick it for your team.

As of now, the release date for South Africa has not been confirmed. Size and price have also not yet been confirmed. My advice, if you can hang on to your current device for a little bit longer then do. Why not go off the beaten track, have a little adventure and open your arms up to the Google Pixel and show it some love.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_btn title=”Pre-order your Pixel today” align=”center” link=”||target:%20_blank|” button_block=”true”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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CAT S60 – FLIR’ping fantastic

Caterpillar the maker of earth moving monsters, have turned their hand to making rugged phones that would happily sit alongside their machines! In the past the focus has always simply been on making a rugged tough phone that can stand the knocks of a demanding work environment. So the majority of CAT phones are waterproof, dust proof, shockproof and have strengthened chassis and screens, however in doing so you generally end up sacrificing looks and performance.

CAT recently unveiled the S60 as their flagship device, and whilst it won’t compete head on with say the Samsung Galaxy S7 in terms of processing power and features, it certainly does the job one expects of a top end Android device and its responsive and quick.

But in this crowded market, how does one stand out from amongst the rest? For CAT they have incorporated a FLIR camera (thermal imaging) into this bad boy, so it’s not for everyone but definitely has some excellent niche appeal.

With that FLIR camera, it’s going to find great appeal to those in the building, aircon and plumbing industries whilst also providing a super advantage to security officers! Hear a strange noise in the garden at night, whip out the S60 switch on the FLIR camera and scan around the garden to see if there any heat sources hiding in the bushes 🙂

The other feature on steroids is the waterproof rating which will keep your CAT S60 in working order after being submerged up to 5m for an hour! There is even a cool speaker drying app on the phone which cycles for 2/6 or 10 mins and essentially uses sound and vibration to “bounce” water out the speaker… way cool 🙂

So if your work demands more than most devices can handle, S60 is here!


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Pink Gold Samsung Galaxy A3 exclusive to Cellucity

In a world, where our Smartphone is so much an extension of ourselves, we at Cellucity have noticed the trend, that the Networks invariably only order “colour” varieties of high end Smartphones. But what about the aspirational people in the middle that also want to add some personality to their mobile choice? We have done a deal with Vodacom, with Women’s Day (9th August) fast approaching to introduce a splash of colour into our line up, with the Samsung A3 in a beautiful Pink Gold.

On contract at R299 on a Flexi 200, it is now easier than ever to make a “mobile statement”!

Featuring a 13MP camera, comfortable 4.7″ display, 1.5GB Ram and a very capable Qualcomm Quad Core chip… this beauty is more than capable of taming any beast.

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Huawei P9 Launch

Huawei P9

With much fanfare, Huawei launched their latest flagship device at a glittering affair at the Sandton Convention centre earlier this month. Now as the “flagship” / top end device market is incredibly competitive it is increasingly difficult to find a “stand out” feature which will set your device apart and make it the most desired phone on the market.

Huawei with the P9 has focused on our ever increasing desire, as amateur photographers, to create those perfect snaps for Instagram and FB, and in so doing become the envy of our social network.

To achieve this Huawei partnered with Leica, a powerhouse in photography, to create a “dual camera” phone. One lens shoots in Black and White whilst the other shoots in colour.

“The way it works is straightforward: both rear cameras fire at the same time, with one taking a regular color image and the other taking only a black-and-white snap. Because it has no color filters, the latter sensor is able to absorb twice as much light and thus it provides useful contrast information that is integrated into the composite 12-megapixel image. This manifests itself nicely with some extremely sharp and noise-free closeups.”

The other feature sets are pretty standard for a flagship device – fingerprint sensor, 12MP dual camera, 8MP front camera, 5.2″ IPS Screen and 4GB ram onboard, but for me, where the P9 stands out from previous flagships, is the quality and craftsmanship in its design.

It is a beautiful phone and truly Huawei are now competing head on with the big boys.