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Best Buys for 2020 with Cellucity

Good deals are hard to come by – everyone is advertising the best price and the best deal – where do you start? Depending on what you are looking for the search for the ultimate win is often long and drawn out. We here at Cellucity want to make this journey a little easier so we have carefully selected our best budget buys for 2020 in a range of categories to help you out


The Cubot brand is synonymous with great value and their two new offerings are no different. The Cubot P30 and Cubot X20 Pro offer premium specs at budget friendly devices.


Coming in at R2999 the Cubot P30 offers a 6.3 Inch display, 64GB onboard memory and 4GB RAM. Along with the triple rear camera and 13MP selfie camera you also get a 4000mAh battery ensuring that your device lasts you through the day. With a conveniently placed fingerprint sensor the Cubot P30 does not compromise on design and offer a premium look. Available online here

Cubot X20 Pro

The Cubot X20 Pro offers an impressive 6GB RAM, 128GB onboard memory as well as a 6.3 Inch FHD+ display. The Cubot X20 Pro offers a triple rear camera, 13MP selfie camera, 4000mAh battery and is encased in a beautiful glass body design. All this for R3999. Check it out here

Both devices perform beautifully, come in black and blue, are Dual SIM and would most certainly not look out of place next to more expensive options out there.


Whether you are looking at something for the gym, something for work or something to help you with down time we have some great deals for you this month


Our very own ENOD brand of true wireless earphones are powerful in ear buds that come with a charging case compact enough to carry around. Offered in either blue or black the sound quality is fantastic and the 500mAh charging case will offer enough power to see you through a full week of gym workouts. The secure fit ensures that even when you are having an intense workout the buds remain secure. With an IPX5 sweatproof design you can pick up a pair for R799 this month from our online store here


The Plantronics BackBeat Go 600 are a fantastic over ear option for either work or entertainment. The Plantronics BackBeat Go 600 headset is lightweight and wireless. With memory foam cups and a compact design these headsets are perfect for travelers. Offering advanced acoustic technology for deep, rich sound the PLantroncis BackBeat Go 600 are on sale this month for R999 saving you R500 – get them here

For our daily travelers (the brave souls who can’t stay home currently) we have a fantastic range of in-ear wired headsets that you can easily pop in your pocket or handbag for the daily trek. Starting from R149 our range of Recci and Langsdom headsets offer quality build and sound at fantastic pricing – Get yours today here


With school holidays having come early and along with it the need to keep your kiddies inside and safe – we have the perfect companions to keep them from getting bored and frustrated.


Our Larry’s Retro Gaming Console offers up great nostalgia – taking you back to the nineties with classics like super Mario Brothers and Circus. Load Shedding? No problem! This handy little gadget is battery operated ensuring that even when the lights go out , the fun doesn’t. On offer for R399 find yours here


Taking us back to the 90’s yet again -the era of the  Tamogochi has made another appearance! The Larry’s Virtual Pet offers a variety of different animals to choose from and hours of fun for your little one. At R199 this is a firm favourite here at Cellucity HQ – find it here


iTouch Air 2

A new addition to our catalogue is the iTouch Air 2 Smartwatch. Offering up a classic and sporty design the iTouch Air 2 is a great and affordable way for those wanting to kick up their fitness regime. Along with the classic fitness features such as a Heart Rate Monitor , the iTouch Air 2 also features notifications for calls and messages. Armed with an alarm and stop watch this device is a firm favourite with our Head Office Team and a steal at only R899. Get yours here



With so many brands available we appreciate that the search for the perfect gaming gear can be complicated.


Our current star is the Plantronics Rig range of headsets. With a sturdy build and comfortable design the range comes in version for PC, XBOX and PS4. With ventilated earcups and noise cancelling mics the Rig series are also backed by a 2 year warranty. Starting from R899 we are confident that if you are looking for great value on a budget you cannot go wrong with these. Find them here



From cables to power banks our wide range of Energea accessories offers something for everyone. With our power banks ranging from 5000mAh to 20000mAh – whether you are looking for something in an emergency or something to last the long haul we have it. See the full range here


Our cables are also strong, durable and made from the highest quality materials. With our Duraglitz range coming with a 5 year warranty and our Nylotough Xtreme range coming with a 10 year warranty you can be sure you are getting a great deal! See the range here


Our great deals are by no means limited to the above products – check out our website for more great offers. Any questions pop us a message on our Whatsapp line on 0827784400. After hours? Email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.





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Stuff We Love – Our Essential Accessories

Last month we touched on our favourite wireless headsets. But, here at Cellucity HQ, we all have our “must-have” accessories – our go to devices and cannot live without accessories. Often our clients come in seeking advice on what accessories go with their devices. As with everything these are subjective – I mean what is a must have and a nice to have? This month I went into our Cellucity Waterfront branch seeking the all-time hit list of accessories on offer. These are the products our teams love to sell and their recommendations on what you need in your cellular cavalry.

Energea Powerbanks

A real hit with our Waterfront team. These handy gadgets will see you through load shedding, an epic car trip or see you through when you’ve forgotten to charge your phone. With a wide variety ranging from 5000mAh – 20000mAh whether you are looking for a small charge or an epic burst of power we have something for you. Worried about device compatibility? We’ve got you covered – Lightning, Micro, USB-C we have them all. And if our range wasn’t large enough already, we also have quick charge power banks on offer too because we have all had that last-minute battery need. Quick-charge is the number one essential according to our team.

“Having that extra bit of power is always good” – Dylan – Cellucity Waterfront Sales Consultant


Energea Cables
Yes, of course you get a cable with your phone, BUT we have all found ourselves leaving them behind, at the office or losing them altogether. Aside from this, there is the wear and tear problem often experienced from consistent use. If you have ever found yourself in this situation, a spare cable is a definite essential. So, a cable is a cable, right? Wrong! Our Energea range of cables are designed to be durable and robust and offer Micro, Lightning and USB-C connectivity. Our Duraglitz and Nylotough Xtreme range have been strength and bend tested to the extreme to ensure high quality. We believe in these cables so much that they are backed by a 5- or 10-year warranty. Not convinced yet? Well, our cables also offer high-speed transfer rates ensuring that fast, quick and turbocharge are sufficiently supported.

“The build quality is strong, stylish and unique” – Morne – Cellucity Waterfront Sales Consultant


Langsdom M430 Headset
For those that travel on public transport or who rely on music for work, these are a handy addition to your collection. With a quality build and great sound, the Langsdom M430 are not only super affordable but come in a range of cool colours. With sound isolating technology and an easy multi-function button for music and calls these are a firm favourite in our stores. Leave them in your handbag, in your drawer or on your bedside table. Invest in a few and leave them in all the strategic places – you really can’t go wrong with these gems.

“These headsets are affordable, colourful and offer great clarity” – Robyn – Cellucity Waterfront Admin



Energea AmpCharge QC3.0 Wall Charger
A new addition to our range, this charging adapter has proven to be very popular both with our clients and our sales teams. With the increasing need for a fast charge this beauty is equipped with Qualcomm 3.0 technology and comes with dual ports to charge more than one device at a time. Better yet this adapter auto-detects your device’s optimum charging needs, so you get exactly what you need. With a maximum power output of 30 Watts, this charging adapter is compact and small enough to take travelling or to work.

“This is one of the fastest selling products in our store. Some of the greatest things about this charger are the dual ports and auto detect fast charge” – Max – Sales Consultant Cellucity Waterfront


Invisible Shield Screen Protector (Zagg)
The number one selling impact and screen protection is now available in all Cellucity stores. A firm favourite with one of our data techs this screen protection is not limited by device. Simply bring your phone, tablet or even your smartwatch in, and we will cut to size and apply for you. These screen protectors are designed for extreme environments and offer powerful impact protection.

It’s a well-known product and easy to install” – Yusuf – Cellucity Sales/Tech Consultant.


Written By: Lesa J