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FINGBOX Home Network Monitoring & Security

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  • Block Devices: Block Any Device Like Intruders Or Unwanted Devices From Accessing
  • Pause User: Pause All Your Kid’s Devices
  • Remote Monitoring: Monitor Your Network & All Devices From Anywhere
  • Alerts & Events: Network & Device Alerts & Event Log Of Everything That Happened In Your Home.
  • Internet Security: Alerts About Opened Ports, Malicious Threats & Vulnerabilities On Your Network. Run Internet Security Checks Anytime You Need To
  • DigitalFence™: Detects Any Device Around Your Fingbox Even If Not Connected
  • WiFi & Internet Speed: Check Performance


Fingbox is the digital caretaker that watches over your network to detect intruders, block devices, warn you about network threats and analyze the quality of your Internet connection.

With features like remote monitoring, digital presence detection, network and device alerts, internet pause for parental control, a digital fence and internet security checks, Fingbox protects your home and family online.


  • Block Devices: Block any device like intruders or unwanted devices from accessing your network in 1-click.
  • Pause User: Pause all your kid’s devices (mobile phone, tablet, gaming console) in 1-click during homework or bedtime time.
  • Alerts & Events: Network and device alerts and an event log of everything that happened in your home.
  • Remote Monitoring: Monitor your network and all devices from anywhere.
  • Internet Security: Alerts about opened ports, malicious threats, and vulnerabilities on your network. Run Internet Security checks anytime you need to
  • Digital Presence: See who is at home and what devices are in use.
  • DigitalFence™: Detects any device around your Fingbox even if not connected to your WiFi. See who is nearby your home like dog walkers, babysitters, cleaning, or delivery persons.
  • WiFi Speed: See how fast your WiFi is in every corner of your home to identify dead zones.
  • Internet Speed: See how fast your Internet is performing and if you are getting the speed you are paying for.
  • Evil Twin Access Point Detection: Detection and alerts of malicious evil twin access points which are a threat to network security. Includes KRACK Attack Detection.
  • Internet Outage Recording: Recording of Internet Outages which happened on your network so you can understand the reliability of your Internet Service Provider.


Remote Monitoring Monitor your network and all devices from anywhere. Internet Outage Recording Recording of all the Internet outages on your network. Fingbox records all Internet outages on your network so you can see the reliability of your ISP.


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