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SONY SBH56 Bluetooth Headset with Speaker

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  • Make & Receive Calls
  • Camera Remote Shutter Button
  • Clip-Style Headset
  • Compatible with Android & iOS
  • USB Type-C Cable Included


A handy clip-style Bluetooth headset with camera remote for hands-free calls and perfect selfies.

Making calls has never been more convenient. Talk and listen through the loud speaker, without blocking out your surroundings. You can also enjoy audiobooks and internet radio. Take a walk, multi-task or take meeting notes. Bluetooth Headset with Speaker SBH56 sets your hands free.

Take blur-free selfies and perfectly include everyone in your group photos. With the camera remote shutter button, you don’t need to stay behind the camera or worry about your hands shaking. And since you can take multiple photos in succession, you can always find the perfect selfie.

The clip-style headset is comfortable to use. Attach it to your clothes and wear it anytime – while driving, walking or just relaxing.

When you get an incoming call you will hear a ringtone and the caller´s name* will be read out to you through the loudspeaker.Quickly launch the camera app by long pressing the button.

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