Customer Benefits

Easy, Fast and Trusted online payments for your customers.

What is OZOW?

Ozow is the easy, premium, automated EFT solution that can be done in seconds while staying Ozow secure. Merchants can initiate Ozow payments through a variety of payment platforms such as SMS, eCommerce, eBilling or QR Code. The customer experience is enhanced through Ozow easy, Ozow fast and Ozow secure features which ultimately benefits both the consumer and the seller.

How it Works?


Don’t have your card on hand? No problem. Access all of your accounts Ozow safely and Ozow easily with your internet banking.

Fast Payments

Ozow’s payment gateway is Ozow simple and Ozow fast that customers can make a payment in 60 seconds or less.

No Registration Needed

Make payments on Ozow easily and securely, without the hassle of registration. All you need is an internet banking profile.

Ozow Payments are Free

Customers who pay through Ozow only have to pay the merchant, enjoying no additional hidden charges when paying online.


Now there is no need for customers to send proof of payment, or make merchants wait for money to reflect in their bank account.

Hasle Free

Ozow simplifies the customer’s EFT payment experience so that it is Ozow much faster, Ozow much easier, and Ozow convenient.

Step 1

Choose your Bank

Step 2

Login to your Bank

Step 3

Choose an Account

Step 4

Confirm Payment

Step 5

Payment Successful