XIAOMI Motion Activated Night Light

From R24.00 per month

  • Infrared Motion Sensor – Up To 120 Degree & 7 Meter Motion Detection Range
  • Easy Installation
  • Compact Design
  • Two Brightness Level Options
  • Battery Operated (Batteries Not Included)


The Motion Activated Night Light can provide a soothing atmosphere at night as well as illumination without turning on the main light – allowing you to check on your kids or helping you find your way in the dark without tripping.

Easy to use and operate, the Xiaomi motion activated night light requires no plugs or wires and is adhesive for easy installation.

The device is equipped with an infrared motion sensor with up to 120-degree and 7-meter motion detection range. The sensor instantly reacts to the movement and turns on the light. It will go out 15 after you walk out of the sensing area.

With two brightness level options the motion light is battery operated – batteries not included in the box.