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HUAWEI Wireless Fast Charger

Quick Charge


  • Huawei Original Wireless Charger
  • Soft, Silicone Surface
  • Comprehensive Safety Protection
  • Qi Standard Universal Compatibility
  • Maximum 15W Charge


Farewell to the limitations of traditional wired charging and embrace the convenience & elegance of wireless charging. HUAWEI’s self-developed 15 W (Max) quick wireless charge technology allows you to enjoy wired charging speed, wirelessly. Qi standard, identifies smartphones, earbuds & other devices intelligently and adjusts its output power automatically to charge them safely.

With its soft, silicone surface the Huawei wireless charger both protects your phone and prevents it from falling.

With foreign object detection, the wireless charger automatically powers off when detecting keys, coins & other metal objects, or controls the temperature of ID/travel cards and other metal-containing items at a safe range to avoid overheating.