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CUBOT S1 Fitness Tracker

With Heart Rate Monitor


  • Dynamic Heart Rate Monitor
  • Six-Axis Algorithm Sensor To Identify Different Exercise
  • Light & Deep Sleep Tracking With Alarm Function
  • Water Resistant (IP67)
  • 30 Days Standby Time
  • Remote Camera Control & Temperature Reminders
  • Receives Notifications (Calls, Messages)
  • Water Drinking & Sedentary Reminder


The Cubot S1 is equipped with a six-axis algorithm sensor, which can automatically identify walking, running, riding and climbing and display the relevant mode to track distance, dynamic heart rate and calorie consumption.

Sometimes we work and sit for a whole day, which can be detrimental to our health. The Cubot S1 has a sedentary reminder, which reminds you to drink water or stand up and stretch your legs. The S1 can continuously monitor and record your heart rate and warn you when it is out of your selected range. Of course, you can switch this option off when you want to conserve power. The Cubot S1 will monitor your light and deep sleep cycles and provide feedback about your sleep quality. The Cubot S1 alarm clock can wake you up with a gently increasing vibration.

The new six-axis sensor is intelligent enough to remove invalid steps for accurate tracking and identifying different patterns of motion to calculate the consumed calories. By using your mobile phone’s GPS function, you can see your route in the App at a glance. You can easily share your progress and achievements with your friends on social media with the touch of a button.

With remote camera control, there is no need to be left out of group photos. Simply touch the camera button to take a picture.  When the S1 is connected to the App, you can open your phone’s music player and control playback from your wrist; play, pause, previous song, next song – your choice. The Cubot S1 has temperature and pressure reminders to allow you to take precautions for the changing conditions. When the altitude measurement is turned on, you can measure the elevation difference over time when you are climbing. The Cubot S1 has a water resistant level of IP67.  A 30min full charge provides up to thirty days of standby time.