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Cellucity is Vodacom’s oldest and leading independent dealer. While we only offer Vodacom deals on contract, our prepaid devices are SIM-free and are open to ALL networks (unless specified).

We have also partnered with a number of “buy now, pay later” finance companies like PayJoy, Float, MoreTyme and Mobicred giving our pre-paid customers access to the latest tech at the most affordable prices.

Cellucity is a Proudly South African company with retail stores in many established Malls across the Western Cape, Gauteng, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. You can search for your nearest branch with trading hours and contact details here:

Most phones on the Vodacom Network are single SIM devices. We do however source a range of Dual-SIM devices from manufacturer-approved distributors. Vodacom has also begun supplying a range of eSIM and Dual-SIM devices.

All our Dual SIM capable phones will be clearly labelled in the phone title so there is no confusion.

You can browse our range of Dual-SIM phones here:

Cellucity is a Vodacom multi-award-winning cellphone dealer and has been trading since 1994. You can find the widest range of Vodacom and Cellucity Exclusive contract deals at any of our retail stores. Our expertly trained staff can advise you of the best deals for your unique requirements. Take a look through our digital catalogue here:

Can you apply online?

You can also start an application online. Our team will credit vet your application in advance and get everything ready for you, so when you come and visit us, you can have your new device and contract set up and ready in minutes. For our latest and greatest deals and to submit your application, visit our contract website here:

At their core, cellphone contracts credit agreements. This means they are governed by the affordability rules and laws set by banking and credit regulators. Vodacom uses a multi-level affordability scale to determine the type of contract and maximum value an applicant can be approved for.

Generally, you must show an income of greater than R4000 per month over a minimum period of 4 – 6 months. You will also need a clear or rehabilitated credit history.

Since Vodacom now connects directly to multiple credit bureaus and the home affairs database, they have streamlined the documentation requirements. You will be required to produce:

  • An original Green barcoded ID or ID card
  • Proof of residence in the form of an official account, no greater than 3 months old
  • 3-months bank statements and payslips are no longer required (although they may still request these).

At the end of the contract term (generally 24 or 36 months), it will continue to run on a month-to-month basis until either you decide to upgrade or give the notice to cancel the contract.

It is important to note, that once the contract term expires, the monthly subscription reverts to the standard package prices. This means any additional finance you may be paying falls away. It can also mean any promotional discounted subscriptions fall away.

Yes, during the contract period, the device belongs to the network but the contract term has expired, the device becomes yours and you are free to do with it what you will.

At Cellucity we believe in reducing e-Waste, so we offer a Trade-In program to recycle and repurpose old unwanted devices. You are also free to sell the device, pass it down to someone in need or keep it as a spare. If you decide to dispose of it, please do so responsibly.

Yes, if you already have your own device, SIM-only contracts are a great way to benefit from the value offered by being on contract compared to being on pre-paid. SIM-only deals are often massively discounted as Vodacom is not financing the device cost over the contract period.

You can apply for a range of SIM-only voice or data deals here:

While we do not offer a lay-bye service, we do support a range of buy-now, pay-later services offering you the same convenience of split payments, but the benefit of getting a device immediately. Take a look at our PayJoy, MoreTyme and Float services or you can use MobiCred at checkout.

Cellucity is an official drop-off point for major manufacturer in-warranty repairs. We also, in partnership with The Real Repair Company offer on-site, while-you-wait, out-of-warranty repairs on Apple, Samsung and Huawei phones. If you can’t make it to one of our branches, you can request your device to be picked up here:

If you are planning an international trip for business or pleasure, you may want to keep your Vodacom SIM card active while abroad. Vodacom through their partnership with the Vodafone network you can save massively while using your number abroad. It is however essential you understand the potential costs involved as roaming can get very expensive.

If you are on pre-paid or a Top-Up/ uChoose Flexi contract, you may consider SMS Roamer, which will block calls and data but will allow you to send/ receive text messages on your device. This may be a trip essential if it is required for banking OTP’s.

You can download the international roaming request and information form here:  Download

Alternatively, consider one of our international travel SIM cards here:

The price you pay is not necessarily indicative of the quality of the device you will get and the market is fraught with pitfalls. When shopping for a used or “as is” phone it is worth considering a few useful terms and tips when it comes to pre-owned devices:


These are generally categorised as A-Grade (Pristine), B-Grade (Very Good) or C-Grade (Good). They generally are sold as-is with little to no repair work done to have them in sales condition. you can expect

  • A-Grade devices have 100% original parts with batteries operating at a minimum 80%. They will look almost new, with no discernable scratches or dents.
  • B-Grade devices may have some minor scratches or dents and perhaps even some non-original parts but the main motherboard and screen will be original.
  • C-Grade devices are the most common quality sold in South Africa. They are significantly cheaper and in abundance. These will have noticeable scratches, dents and even chips, but should be functional. These often don’t carry a warranty and have most likely undergone repairs on the cheap to have working.

Certified Pre-Owned:

They are the gold standard in used phones and are only issued by Apple and sold through mobile networks or Apple Approved Resellers.  These are devices that have been traded in and refurbished by Apple at their factories, with original parts.  They look new and come with a 12-month global Apple warranty. These devices are seldom available and come at a premium price. Be careful though, many traders use the CPO label for their refurbished phones.

Refurbished Phones:

These are phones that have been traded in and sent to a factory to be overhauled. These devices vary in quality and generally appear like new. They may however contain several cheaper non-original components like screens and batteries to try to bring them back up to functional specification. Screens may have been lasered to remove some imperfections. These devices typically come with no or limited warranties.

Why buy Cellucity Pre-Owned?

Cellucity Pre-Owned devices undergo 40-point quality control and are PhoneCheck certified. This means they are fully functional, have been checked on international blacklisting databases and carry internationally accredited quality assurance.

You can browse our range of pre-owned devices here:

The My Vodacom App is the most convenient way to manage your Vodacom account – whether on prepaid or contract.

With the My Vodacom app you can:

  • Check you airtime, data, voice and SMS balances
  • Convert your airtime to a data bundle
  • Add buy or add airtime and data bundles
  • Manage content service
  • View your bills/ invoices or statements
  • Pay your bills
  • Buy prepaid electricity
  • Settle your DSTV, Box Office Bills and even pay traffic fines
  • Manage your Vodacom Fibre account
  • Get access to customised promotions and competitions


Unfortunately not, they are two different services working on different technology and require different hardware.

A mobile data contract works similar to a cellphone, with a SIM card and mobile number. It works with a router that connects to the conventional cellular network via base stations.

Fibre works by connecting a Fibre-ready router to the internet network through Fibre Optic cables. It does not connect to the cellular network.

Vodacom Fibre gives you super-fast and uninterrupted internet connectivity that redefines the way you work from home, live (streaming) at home and play (online gaming) at home.
  • Ultra-fast line speeds of up to 100Mbps, you can stream movies, play games and get all your work done at super-fast speed.
  • Get a voice line. Add a voice line to your fibre package and make and receive calls at unbelievable rates.
  • Connect all your smart home devices. With Vodacom Fibre, you are ready for the future of smart devices.
  • Increase the value of your home. With fibre installed, your home is instantly worth more.
  • Low Latency Connection, meaning your data travels faster with no lag – important for gamers, vloggers, traders and the like
Use our Fibre coverage map to check if you have fibre coverage in your area
Already got Fibre? You can upgrade your existing capped package to uncapped if you are on a month-to-month package. This is not available to 12-month and 24-month or 36-month Fibre customers until the contract term expires.
The installation entails running an actual fibre-optic cable from the street right into your home, in addition to fixing a Fibre ONT/CPE device on your wall. Both the parts and labour are capital intensive and will cost anything between R1000 and R2500.
There are some “free installation offers” with Vodacom on month-to-month, 12-month and 24-month offers just make that it doesn’t have a “clawback clause” that usually states: “If you cancel within 12 months you are liable for the installation”.


New router – the fibre company will usually supply you with a fibre ONT/CPE device.
Existing router – The only requirement for your existing router is that it must have a WAN port – usually a different coloured RJ45 connector.
Fibre router different connection ports
Yes, as long as the area you reside in has Fibre Infrastructure you do not need a telephone line.
You can check the fibre coverage map here:
Vodacom has backup power generation in place, this means that the fibre optic lines remain powered during load shedding. Most fibre substations have a battery capacity of 4-6 hours. In stages 2  and 3 load shedding, service will be uninterrupted but if power is out for longer then the signal may drop.
It’s always best to have a UPS – as long as you’re able to use battery power to keep both (ONT and Router) of them powered up, you’ll be able to run a fibre connection throughout load shedding.
Pro Tip: Get your fibre installer to place the ONT box (the point controlling where fibre enters your house) and your router close to each other. Both require power to function so if you are using a UPS, you want them in close proximity.

Vodacom will appoint an approved installer to install the Vodacom Fibre service at the customer’s premises.

The approved installer will require reasonable access to the customer’s premises.

The approved installer will install the Vodacom Fibre service in accordance with the detailed installation guidelines for a standard installation as per the Vodacom Fibre Installation Schedule.

The detailed installation guidelines will include the maximum installation specifications that will be included in a standard installation.

If the Vodacom Fibre service installation exceeds the standard installation specifications, then any additional installation expenses will be for the customer’s account.

Any additional installation expenses will be settled directly with Vodacom or with the approved installer.

The installation will be deemed fully operational if the approved installer successfully tests the Vodacom Fibre service with the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) provided by Vodacom as part of the Vodacom Fibre service contract.

The approved installer will not test the installation’s operational status with any other CPE than the CPE provided by Vodacom.

The customer undertakes to maintain the installation, including all equipment provided, in good order including environmental considerations as detailed in the Vodacom Fibre Service Schedule.

The customer may not move or alter the Vodacom Fibre service installation and must notify Vodacom if there is a need to move or alter the installation.

Only a Vodacom-approved installer may move or alter a Vodacom Fibre service installation.

For the best results, close all applications before running the internet speed test. Open your browser and go to one of the links below:

Fibre differs from standard broadband in many ways, from the technology behind it to the fast speeds and availability.

A Fibre connection can support far more traffic at higher speeds. It also tends to be more reliable and stable. It is ideal for busy households where everyone is online at the same time using lots of different devices.

When it comes to reliable connectivity, low latency and speeds that can reach up to 200Mbps (and soon 500Mbps and even 1Tbps)  nothing will beat what Fibre internet has to offer.

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