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WIN with Vivo and Cellucity

Vivo Y12 Competition

Level up and WIN with Vivo and Cellucity

Level up your knowledge on the latest tech from Vivo. Our Branch Manager Sam du Toit has given his valuable insight on a Vivo device.

To stand a chance to WIN a Vivo Y12 valued at R3899 enter our competition on Facebook or YouTube.

  • On Facebook: watch Sam’s video, like our page and tag 3 friends. Every 3 friends tagged in a comment count as an entry.
  • On YouTube: watch Sam’s video, subscribe to our YouTube channel and answer the questions below in the comments section.

Tell us:

  • Which phone Sam is reviewing?
  • What are you most excited about when it comes to this phone?


Winners will be selected at random. Competition closes on the 29 September 2020. The winner will be announced on 30 September 2020 by 16:00.

T’s & C’s Apply –

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Stay apart, Stay Connected and WIN with Samsung and Cellucity in May

Samsung competition May 2020 image

If you purchase a Galaxy in the month of May you could WIN Samsung fridges, TVs or washing machines in their daily draws 😀 #veryexciting

Choose your Galaxy here or get one of our great contract deals online below.

If you have any questions feel free to WhatsApp us on 0827784400 or click here

@samsungmobilesa Samsung #cellucity #samsung #awesomesamsung #galaxy

T&C’s apply.

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Best Buys for 2020 with Cellucity

Good deals are hard to come by – everyone is advertising the best price and the best deal – where do you start? Depending on what you are looking for the search for the ultimate win is often long and drawn out. We here at Cellucity want to make this journey a little easier so we have carefully selected our best budget buys for 2020 in a range of categories to help you out


The Cubot brand is synonymous with great value and their two new offerings are no different. The Cubot P30 and Cubot X20 Pro offer premium specs at budget friendly devices.


Coming in at R2999 the Cubot P30 offers a 6.3 Inch display, 64GB onboard memory and 4GB RAM. Along with the triple rear camera and 13MP selfie camera you also get a 4000mAh battery ensuring that your device lasts you through the day. With a conveniently placed fingerprint sensor the Cubot P30 does not compromise on design and offer a premium look. Available online here

Cubot X20 Pro

The Cubot X20 Pro offers an impressive 6GB RAM, 128GB onboard memory as well as a 6.3 Inch FHD+ display. The Cubot X20 Pro offers a triple rear camera, 13MP selfie camera, 4000mAh battery and is encased in a beautiful glass body design. All this for R3999. Check it out here

Both devices perform beautifully, come in black and blue, are Dual SIM and would most certainly not look out of place next to more expensive options out there.


Whether you are looking at something for the gym, something for work or something to help you with down time we have some great deals for you this month


Our very own ENOD brand of true wireless earphones are powerful in ear buds that come with a charging case compact enough to carry around. Offered in either blue or black the sound quality is fantastic and the 500mAh charging case will offer enough power to see you through a full week of gym workouts. The secure fit ensures that even when you are having an intense workout the buds remain secure. With an IPX5 sweatproof design you can pick up a pair for R799 this month from our online store here


The Plantronics BackBeat Go 600 are a fantastic over ear option for either work or entertainment. The Plantronics BackBeat Go 600 headset is lightweight and wireless. With memory foam cups and a compact design these headsets are perfect for travelers. Offering advanced acoustic technology for deep, rich sound the PLantroncis BackBeat Go 600 are on sale this month for R999 saving you R500 – get them here

For our daily travelers (the brave souls who can’t stay home currently) we have a fantastic range of in-ear wired headsets that you can easily pop in your pocket or handbag for the daily trek. Starting from R149 our range of Recci and Langsdom headsets offer quality build and sound at fantastic pricing – Get yours today here


With school holidays having come early and along with it the need to keep your kiddies inside and safe – we have the perfect companions to keep them from getting bored and frustrated.


Our Larry’s Retro Gaming Console offers up great nostalgia – taking you back to the nineties with classics like super Mario Brothers and Circus. Load Shedding? No problem! This handy little gadget is battery operated ensuring that even when the lights go out , the fun doesn’t. On offer for R399 find yours here


Taking us back to the 90’s yet again -the era of the  Tamogochi has made another appearance! The Larry’s Virtual Pet offers a variety of different animals to choose from and hours of fun for your little one. At R199 this is a firm favourite here at Cellucity HQ – find it here


iTouch Air 2

A new addition to our catalogue is the iTouch Air 2 Smartwatch. Offering up a classic and sporty design the iTouch Air 2 is a great and affordable way for those wanting to kick up their fitness regime. Along with the classic fitness features such as a Heart Rate Monitor , the iTouch Air 2 also features notifications for calls and messages. Armed with an alarm and stop watch this device is a firm favourite with our Head Office Team and a steal at only R899. Get yours here



With so many brands available we appreciate that the search for the perfect gaming gear can be complicated.


Our current star is the Plantronics Rig range of headsets. With a sturdy build and comfortable design the range comes in version for PC, XBOX and PS4. With ventilated earcups and noise cancelling mics the Rig series are also backed by a 2 year warranty. Starting from R899 we are confident that if you are looking for great value on a budget you cannot go wrong with these. Find them here



From cables to power banks our wide range of Energea accessories offers something for everyone. With our power banks ranging from 5000mAh to 20000mAh – whether you are looking for something in an emergency or something to last the long haul we have it. See the full range here


Our cables are also strong, durable and made from the highest quality materials. With our Duraglitz range coming with a 5 year warranty and our Nylotough Xtreme range coming with a 10 year warranty you can be sure you are getting a great deal! See the range here


Our great deals are by no means limited to the above products – check out our website for more great offers. Any questions pop us a message on our Whatsapp line on 0827784400. After hours? Email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.





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Want to save on your contract bill? A SIM-only contract may be your answer!

SIM-only deals

A SIM-only deal offers a package of minutes, texts and mobile data for a monthly cost, much the same as a traditional mobile phone contract. The difference, however, is that you BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) and don’t get a new handset; you get the SIM… only!

So, why should you opt for a SIM-only contract?

Well firstly, SIM-only deals tend to be cheaper, as with traditional contracts you’re paying a premium each month within your agreement to pay off the actual cost of your phone PLUS interest. So, with a SIM-only deal (i.e. without getting a new phone) you’ll save money each month. On top of the savings, going SIM-only means that you can focus on getting the best deal to suit your usage needs – rather than just dealing with the tariffs available to ensure you get the handset you want.


The Advantages of SIM-Only

SIM-only deals are fast becoming one of the most popular options when getting a new phone contract. Compared to traditional mobile phone contracts, SIM-only deals have many advantages.

SIM-only deals tend to be cheaper. New handsets are expensive, and as you’re not forking out for a handset with your contract, networks don’t need to charge you as much for their services, which brings your monthly payments down.

Another advantage of going SIM-only is that it’s easier to pass the credit check. If you’ve ever been turned down for a phone contract in the past, opting for a SIM-only deal might be the best solution for getting the phone and tariff that you want. Again, because mobile phone networks aren’t ‘renting’ you a mobile phone handset, it not only brings down the price of your contract, but it also makes you a low-risk candidate.

If you have a Dual-SIM phone, splitting your Voice and Data SIM’s is probably one of the most effective ways of saving money. By getting a SIM-Only Data SIM, you can take advantage of the benefits of massively reduced data prices while still keeping your voice line costs down.


How does SIM-only work?

SIM-only deals are simple: select the right package of minutes, texts and data that suits your needs, insert the SIM card into your phone, and you’re good to go.

Users also have one of two options when going for a SIM-only deal. Content with your existing handset? Because you’re only paying for a SIM card, you can pop your new SIM into your current mobile and immediately start saving the pennies! Alternatively, you can purchase the phone of your choice SIM-free, which is great for users who find it tricky getting past the credit check.

And did you know that you can still keep your phone number with a SIM-only contract, even if you switch networks? Just ask your assistant to port your existing cellphone number from your current mobile provider.

Whether you are looking for Data, Top Up, or Voice Contracts, we have SIM-only deals to suit everyone:

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BUBBLEGUM is back: The child-friendly educational tablet

Not being a parent, I have noticed that when I am around my nephews or visiting friends with kids, one of the items kids are fascinated with is their parents’ mobile phones! More and more I see parents using their iPads and Tablets to distract kids whilst they sit at a restaurant and get some quiet time for themselves. The drawback is that dropping an iPad can set you back around R6K if that screen gets broken, and as we all know in the hands of kids a tablet is bound to take a fall. It is also difficult to ensure the kids are not doing things they shouldn’t on your tablet and accessing photos and apps which are not meant for their eyes.

Enter the Bubblegum tablet, a great solution developed locally and supporting English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu! It is a Colourful, fun and affordable 7-inch Android Tablet, pre-loaded with educational software, games and storybooks.

A great feature is the parent-child mode which allows parents to fully customise functionality for their children. Aimed at children between the ages of 2 and 9, the Bubblegum tablet features; storybooks, maths games, reading games, memory games and a host of other educational games to make learning fun.

To make the package even sweeter it comes with a bundle option, called the Bubblegum Suitcase which gives you a complete pack of accessories to ensure that your child can get the maximum use from the tablet. This bundle includes an over the ear headset, car seat mount, car charger and a protective silicone cover and all this for only R1799! For our online customers, we can also exclusively offer you this great tablet on contract from R189 per month including the Bubblegum Junior Tablet Combo and R218 WiFi Router* – Exclusive to Cellucity Online!

For our older learners (Grade 6-12) we can now offer the Bubblegum B1 Teen Tab which includes a free wireless keyboard cover. A fantastic looking 8-inch tablet with a rose gold finish, the B1 Teen Tab comes preloaded with great educational apps including Maths and Science Marketing, Paper Video (A great app offering past exam papers and step by step video lessons on questions and concepts) as well as Snapplify (specialized digital learning) and Via Afrika. Important to note though is that you may still have to purchase certain products via the apps. Along with the Junior Bubblegum Tablet Combo, we can also offer the B1 Teen Tab exclusively online for R1699 on prepaid or on contract from R179 per month including an R218 Router* – Exclusive to Cellucity Online!

Check them both out here


*T&C’s apply. These deal is valid for July 2019 and is subject to change.

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Fibre in your area

When it comes to internets speeds, there can be little denying that Fibre is King. We live in a time where Instant gratification has become the new norm and a slow internet service something that increases the stress levels, heart rate and blood pressure. Let’s be honest, South Africa is well behind many countries around the globe and even in Africa.

tabletBUT, we are catching up – and fast. All the big internet providers are investing heavily in laying fibre across the country with most cities being covered and rollout to the suburbs, complexes and gated communities well under way. The even better news is the cost of Fibre is dropping and there are packages and bundles often cheaper than conventional ADSL.

So, has Fibre been installed in your area? Have you made the switch from ADSL?

If you have answered no to either of those questions this is just for you…

Cellucity has teamed up with Intergro Technologies – a service driven internet provider to assist you in making the switch. Complete our “express your interest form and not only will we keep you informed of the Fibre roll out in your area but when Fibre is available we will be able to offer you competitive internet packages – for your home or business.

So, Why Intergro Technologies?

  • Intergro Technologies has relationships with all the major companies providing the fibre backbone.
  • The Fibre packages are truly uncapped: No throttling, no soft cap, no fair usage policy!
  • You receive a free (VOIP) voice line with your contract with amazingly competitive call rates whether it’s local, mobile or international (international rates dependant on country).
  • You can port your current phone number with ease and you will also receive free call recording for 60 days.
  • Download the Data Dialler app to make and receive VoIP calls on your mobile phone-with free on net calling to anyone with Intergro connect!

Available for home and business users the fibre options vary depending on your needs. For home use the line speed available ranges from 8Mbps to 40 Mbps. Sign up is subject to a 24-month agreement and includes a free modem and installation as well as one free voice line for voice calls (IP telephone required).

For business clients, the line speed available ranges from 10Mbps to 100Mbps. Sign up is subject to a 36-month agreement and includes 4-16 free voice lines depending on package selected. Installation and modem is also free.

Interested? Complete your details here and a Fibre specialist will contact you. If Fibre is not available in your area we will keep you updated and informed – obligation free.

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South African Lingo

They call us the Rainbow Nation, a multicultural diversity of different people from different walks of life all living together in South Africa, a country alive with adventure. Arguably one of the more popular tourist destinations, as a visitor you are likely to hear a number of strange words and confusing sentences. We have 11 official languages so they were bound to mix together to create what we proudly know as South Africanisms. As always we like to make sure our clients are well informed, so here is a handy guide to some of the more popular South Africanisms:

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B4i Travel – Talk Like a Local

I don’t know about you, but as much as I love a holiday, I hate the planning that’s involved! I mean Visas, travel arrangements, hotel arrangements, currency (yuck)! I wish there was a magic wand that I could wave and have it all sorted! Now what I can do to make your life a little easier, you intrepid traveller you, is to introduce you to a service called Continue reading B4i Travel – Talk Like a Local

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Entertainer Voucher 2017

If I lived in the United States I would be the ideal candidate for the reality show Extreme Couponing. For real! There is nothing quite like getting a great deal. Enter the Entertainer in my life. After a struggle two years ago my inner coupon queen won the argument and I have been an avid user of the entertainer system ever since.

So what is it?

It’s real simple, specific to Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria, it is a booklet (or App) full of great 2 for 1 specials. It really couldn’t be easier. No calculations or guessing games, when you buy one you get one free. Valid any day of the week, any time. I found this really refreshing as similar deals normally come with all sorts of restrictions on time and day, taking the fun out of the whole experience.The entertainer cape town

Not limited to restaurants alone there are also vouchers for Attractions, Health and Beauty and Hotels. So why not go have that manicure or stay that extra night in luxury? And not forgetting everyday life there are Entertainer Vouchers for repairs on car dings, dog grooming and gym memberships to name a few.

Ok, and how does it work?

Essentially you will receive three vouchers per participating partner. How you use these are up to you. You could either (for example) dine out three times with a guest or have six of you go out for one night. When it comes time to pay simply present the voucher and your bill will be amended.

Now here is the clincher – This is now third year using the Entertainer and I have not once had a bad experience. Every participating store has been super jacked up and I have never had to explain or struggler. This is the reason why I will keep going back.

With a maximum possible saving of R1.5 million, research has shown that the average consumer saves up to R3800 per year. To be fair you will need to consciously use these vouchers to receive maximum savings. However, from my experience I have found that after three meals I have made my money back and more.

I think one of the best things that has come out of the Entertainer for me is that I have got to explore and discover places in Cape Town that I never knew existed! From brewery tastings, sailing trips, running tours and chocolate tasting the possibilities are endless. And for those of you who are a bit more outgoing why not try some pole dancing classes. Even though it is limited to participating partners I really did not find this a problem at all as there is so much variety. Available for purchase from Cellucity I highly recommend this product whether it be for yourself or as a gift. Trust me, this is the real deal, and the deals work!

CLICK HERE to view the Entertainer online

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Apple Doctor

Crash, bang, smash, sigh! Your eyes are shut tight, every little wrinkle pronounced. You hold your breath and slowly pry one eye open to look down at the inevitable. I don’t know why we do this, we already know when we open our eyes what we are going to see. The screen of our pride and joy, shattered. Admit it, you (like myself) have followed this script above at some point – probably more than once.
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