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SAMSUNG Galaxy S20FE – The One For All Seasons

Have you ever watched Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade? If you have not it basically ends with Indie stuck in a chamber with the villain facing the impossible choice of finding the Holy Grail. In this case the grail is in the form of a chalice or cup. The clincher though is that the chamber is full of different cups. Pick the right one and you get eternal life – pick the wrong one and you shrivel up and turn to dust. Where am I going with this? Well, although the choice of a new device is certainly not life or death, picking the wrong phone can inevitably leave you filled with disappointment and regret.

I have been testing the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE for the last two weeks and I believe that the question of which device is right has been answered. The Samsung Galaxy 20FE has everything you could ever need or want (at least for most users). It brings some premium features in a more affordable package and hits all the right notes. A great balance between spec and price. Whether you are a social media butterfly, business user, avid photographer or just use the basics, the Samsung Galaxy S20FE will tick all the boxes – it is the safe bet.

Safe bet sounds boring right? The Samsung Galaxy S20FE is anything but. When I say safe bet, I mean this is the one to go for if you do not know where to start or where to look. To avoid disappointment, lean into the Samsung Galaxy S20FE. I will be honest here – whilst it may not have the best camera or biggest battery of them all what the Samsung S20FE does provide is a great all-rounder – in my opinion you will not find one disappointing element on this device.


Jumping into the design portion of the review what hits you right off the bat is the 6.5-inch Super AMOLED Infinity O Display. With a tiny punch hole for the selfie camera the display is bright and vibrant – packing a punch with the outstanding colours. Everything you would expect from a premium Samsung handset. Whilst it is FHD+ it does take a slight downgrade from the curved glass in its flat glass design. Other concessions made were the “glasstic” back. Steering away from the glass and metal the S20FE has a more matte plastic back. You know what I like about this? No fingerprints!

Best yet the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE boasts a 120Hz refresh rate – reserved generally for flagship, more expensive devices. Your scrolling is smooth as butter, responsive and elegant. Coming in a range of fantastic colours with an old school squarish shape – the Samsung Galaxy S20FE is funky yet refined and would like great in the hands of a teen blogger or business exec.


Performance wise you cannot go wrong here – packed with 128GB onboard memory and 6GB RAM the Samsung S20 FE gives you plenty of space and speed to do pretty much any task with ease. Multitasking is not a problem and lag never comes into play. I would have liked to have seen slightly more RAM but 6GB is perfectly respectable.

Where most brands sacrifice some key elements to make an affordable version of their flagships, Samsung has managed to bypass this sometimes-annoying habit. So yes, you get an IP68 water and dust resistance rating with the Samsung Galaxy S20FE and yes it supports wireless charging. You are also lucky enough to get the optical in display fingerprint sensor. Not a fan of the fingerprint, do not worry. Facial recognition and the classic pin are your other security fallbacks.

The S20FE supports 25W fast charging – you only get a 15W brick in the box, but the accessories are freely available. You get a 4500mAh battery built in – more powerful than the S20 and from my experience I got more than a day of use – including a mix of Netflix, YouTube, and general browsing.


Camera wise you get a Triple AI camera, and admittedly it has lower spec than its big brother but the 12MP+12MP+8MP sensors capture great images with ease and offer pics that any self-respecting blogger would be happy with. Along with the usual suspects including slo-mo, hyper lapse, night shot, panorama and more the Galaxy S20FE brings the single take technology offered on the Samsung premium range into its offering.

Single take for those that do not know is a built-in feature on the camera system. Simply put you press the button and for 10 seconds the cameras (yes, all three) will capture the moment. At the end of it you are presented with a range of pictures, GIFS, and videos from different points of view. Use them all or select the best – the choice is yours. What the device will do is present you with the best pic of the lot.

Usage wise the camera changes very easily between the normal, Ultra-wide and macro lenses with no real effort. The 32MP selfie camera packs a wallop and is a much higher spec’d than the Samsung Galaxy S20. Now on the downside you do not have the option of 8K recording – a dealbreaker I think not but worth mentioning.

To keep costs down the Samsung S20FE is only offered in the LTE version in South Africa, after moving from a 5G phone to this device I cannot honestly say I noticed much difference but if you are playing the long game it may be worth noting.

At R14999 prepaid or from R529 on contract the Samsung Galaxy S20FE falls in the mid-price range, however had it been priced higher it would have still been understandable given the fantastic benefits you get.

To summarize, the Samsung Galaxy S20FE offers an incredible all-round experience for any user. If you find yourself faced with the choice go with this device – it is the wise choice. Just like the US elections I am going to call this – The Samsung Galaxy S20FE, at least for me, is the phone of 2020.


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Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem – Seamless connection from one device to the next!


Cellucity and Ryan O’Connor team up to bring you the amazing Note20 range, Galaxy Tab S7 and Samsung Buds Live. Watch as he goes through all the new editions to the Samsung family and how easy they are to connect, use and integrate into your current Samsung ecosystem

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OPPO A72 – The Challenger Phone Of 2020

OPPO A72 – The Challenger Phone Of 2020

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to smartphones – we really are. The range of devices available nowadays in whatever budget or category will make your head spin. Quite often our starting points are budget and from there we look at brand. For me the interesting devices come from our challenger brands – brands just as good but not as forefront of mind as the better known or my prominent brands. Breaking into the market is never easy but I got to take the OPPO A72 for a spin and I have some thoughts.

OPPO as a brand has been around for many years, they were one of the main sponsors of the IPL and have been Australia’s best rated brand for three years running. Not only that, it comes in at a decent price so if your wallet is under a bit of pressure but you still demand a great device which performs well across the board then OPPO is for you. It is the perfect balance between price, spec and design.

Off the bat I have to say that the OPPO A72 performs and does it well. The key and core functions you would expect from a device are done with excellent precision – you would be surprised to find out this was a budget focused device. The clear highlights are the camera and battery but this is an all round great device that’s light on the pocket.

On the surface the OPPO A72 would not look out of place amongst your more expensive devices. Clocking a very impressive 6.5 inch full HD+ Display this phone is creeping on phablet territory. This enormous display has thin bezels so it looks the part. Coming in two beautiful colours the design is class and deserves to be celebrated. Yes the body is made of plastic but as you will discover, the price point more than makes up for this. Just on a side night – the plastic design makes the OPPO A72 very lightweight so if you use one hand to operate the device it’s a lot easier.

Although it only has a refresh rate of 60Hz as an everyday user this would not be a deal breaker. The colour reproduction on the device and performance whilst watching content is impressive – its immersive and vibrant. For gamers who may be worried about the experience a mid range device will give I am here to tell you not to.

I tested Asphalt 9 and really couldn’t tell the difference between my higher spec device and the OPPO A72. Just a side note on gaming – the OPPO A72 comes with an easy to use screen record which is quick to activate so if you want to record that winning goal, crossing the finish line or just to look back and improve – you can. Obviously the screen record is useful for a number of other apps as well.

The sound on the OPPO is awesome. Coming with a stereo set up the quality, clarity and sharpness on the sound I think is rivalled only by your very top end devices and even then not by much. OPPO has also included a 3.5mm jack which is a great shout out to budget seekers and have also included the USB Type C charging port instead of falling back on the older micro USB slot.

Talking about charging the 5000mAh battery is probably one of the top highlights of this device. The device comes with a 18W fast charge brick in the box but when put to the test I have to say I managed to squeeze 2 days out the battery. This was with moderate use – if you multi task and really use your device to its fullest potential you will comfortably get one day out of the A72. I cannot stress enough that a 5000mAh battery on mid range device is really impressive. The OPPO also comes with numerous battery optimization tools to help you get the most out of the already impressive power.

Packed with a super respectable 128GB on board memory with memory card support the OPPO A72 also packed in 4GB RAM. So user experience was smooth and efficient whether I was watching Netflix, typing an email or playing a game. Operating on Android the OPPO A72 with its own user interface ColorOS 7.1.

I don’t ever mention UI in my reviews as to most users it makes no difference. However with the OPPO A72 you get very cool extra features including privacy and an awesome App called OPPO Relax. With this app you get a range of music to help you relax, concentrate or sleep. Beautiful outdoor nature sounds or calming music is offered free of charge with this App. You also get a cool breathing app with this as well in case you have a particularly stressful day. Parental control is also a feature you will find on the OPPO A72.

And finally we save the best for last. The camera. The quad rear setup features a 48MP main lens, 8MP ultra-wide (119 degrees) lens, 2MP depth lens and 2MP B/W lens. Although the camera will take default shots at 12MP you can select the 48MP option very easily to always get the best shot.

The clarity and crispness of the shots were very surprising, not because it thought it would not perform but I did not know it would perform so well. I have reviewed many devices and I am convinced that you will not experience a better camera experience in terms of value for money. For what you pay you get a truly premium experience for the most part.

48MP Lens

The camera is easy to use, the bokeh and close up shots performed well. The colour boosted dazzle feature enhances your photos and is quite a cool added extra. The watermark works well but even better you can customize it to feature the OPPO watermark and your name or even your brand on the device. Quite cool for content creators or anyone doing some brand advertising.


Ultra Wide

The OPPO A72 features digital zoom which is not the top of the line, and I will admit the pictures were grainy but for a device this price you do not buy it for the zoom capability. For night shots I found using the flash worked well and more importantly worked quicker than the night mode. So for me that was a big win.

Close Up

Other honourable mentions include the 3 part security including face, fingerprint and PIN recognition. The fingerprint sensor was slightly lagged but the face recognition worked like a bomb. User experience was efficient and smooth.

Now we are all about honest reviews at Cellucity so here are a few features that are missing but again, for the battery and camera features these are small concessions. The OPPO A72 has no IP rating against dust and water, no wireless charging  and no 5G. In the grander scheme of things no deal breakers here.

So, price? You get all the above for R6999 cash which includes a pair of OPPO’s True Wireless Earbuds valued at R1299 and OPPO rewards (Valued at R1300) offering you extra goodies. Contract pricing starts from R399 per month over 24 months.

The OPPO A72 makes a compelling argument to sway away from the better known brands and quite honestly if I were in the market for a new device right now this would be on my radar. OPPO as a brand is definitely one to watch going into the festive season, I think it is going to make an impact and why wouldn’t it – its not often you get presented with a budget friendly device that offers as much as the OPPO A72.

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VIVO X50 Pro – A Vlogger’s Delight

VIVO X50 Pro cellphone featured image


The competition for innovation and new, exciting technology with new releases is something I have a keen interest in. After being in the industry for over 15 years I have enjoyed watching the evolution of the cellphone from the so-called brick to today’s marvels. When the Vivo X50 Pro landed on my desk I thought to myself ‘OK, why would I want this phone – what makes it interesting, what makes it stand out?” From the second I opened the box I knew this phone was going to be something brilliant – something inspiring and something very different to what has been released this year, by anyone else, at least.

I’m going to drop the tech specs first – although great they are not the defining features of this phone. The Vivo X50 Pro operates on your mid-level Series 7 Qualcomm chip – Snapdragon 765G so you going to get great performance where you can multitask with ease and not have to worry about lag. The 8GB RAM adds to the impressive performance of this device whilst the 256GB onboard memory ensures that you don’t have to worry about saving content. The Vivo X50 Pro is 5G enabled – one of only a few devices around which currently are.

The design of the Vivo X50 Pro is top shelf. Beautiful and curved, this sexy design boasts a 6.56 inch Super AMOLED Full HD+ display. The display is almost bezel-less with a tiny punch hole at the top. Now, Vivo really deserves a round of applause here. When watching content or viewing pictures the vivid and captivating display was impressive. I felt immersed and really had to take a step back as this was not what I was expecting. You also get a 90Hz refresh rate with this display. Simply put most smartphones operate on a 60Hz refresh rate so your viewing experience is enhanced even further with the Vivo X50 Pro. Some might say that this refresh rate would compromise your battery but considering the Vivo X50 Pro comes with a 4315mAh battery I wouldn’t be concerned.

VIVO X50 Pro - lifestyle img


Now let’s get to the feature shown here – the camera. Taking a few steps back its worth knowing that Vivo as a company has been at the forefront of many firsts in the cellular industry including being the first to introduce in-display fingerprint scanning, sound casting technology and an elevating front camera to name a few. And they have done it again. This device is a vlogger or content creators dream!

Looking at the device you will notice a larger than normal lens on the rear quad camera. What Vivo has done is built a Gimbal into their camera system – a first in this industry. For those who don’t know a Gimbal is a device which is frequently used by content creators to stabilize images and videos. Most of you will be familiar with the OIS tech built into most devices but this device takes it to another level. I rigorously tested this by running with the device in my hand while recording. I am not exaggerating when I tell you everyone I showed this video to could not believe it. Like the final of a magic trick, I myself was left in awe of the capability. When compared to other top-shelf brands the Vivo footage was super stable with barely any movement or shake. I don’t really think it would be fair to put any other device up against this.

The Gimbal technology built into the Vivo X50 Pro offers the smoothest footage I have ever seen in a device and the large lens allows for better than best night shots – also unlike anything I have seen.

What the Gimbal lens element allows is the lens to “jump around” while taking photos or videos, covering angles up to 300% larger than normal OIS tech. Quick tech interruption – your quad camera is made up of 48MP+13MP+8mp+8MP with a customized selection of which lens to use and 60X Zoom. Your selfie is a whopping 32MP.

The picture quality on the Vivo X50 Pro is insane. With dedicated lenses for Bokeh and Macro effect you also get great features like night shot (more like super night shot) and motion shot. What I liked most about motion shot was the almost 0-second delay in taking the pic – all thanks to the Gimbal system and customized sensor. This camera system keeps your object in the frame – think a proposal or throwing a ball – I know I wouldn’t want to use any other device for these.

The camera system also comes with your stock standard features found on most top-end phones but the picture quality just seemed that much better. I have included comparisons below between the Vivo X50 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. The first set of photos compares the close-ups, second is your Bokeh effect and lastly your night shots. If this doesn’t convince you of the quality – nothing will.

To be honest I think that the need for any regular camera equipment or accessories is eliminated by the Vivo X50 Pro. And better yet it fits into your pocket – not lugging around of clunky extras. But that’s my opinion.

Macro Shots

Samsung S20 Plus Macro Shot
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Macro
Vivo X50 Pro Macro Shot
Vivo X50 Pro Macro Shot

Bokeh Shots

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Bokeh
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Bokeh Shot
Vivo X50 Pro Bokeh Shot


Night Shots

Samsung S20 Plus Night Shot
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Night Shot
Vivo X50 Pro Night Shot
Vivo X50 Night Shot – No Night Mode Used

At the end of the day though – concessions had to be made to keep the phone in a reasonable price range and because we are not all smoke and mirrors here I will admit that the lack of IP rating was a bit of an issue. I feel on a device of this calibre that should have been considered. There is also a lack of wireless charging but the Vivo X50 Pro comes with a 33W charging brick in the box so for me it is not a deal-breaker.

At R17499 it’s a stretch to aim this at the mid-tier buyer, however, considering you get this incredible camera system along with a snazzy pair of True Wireless Earphones I definitely think its an investment worth making.


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WIN with Vivo and Cellucity

Vivo Y12 Competition

Level up and WIN with Vivo and Cellucity

Level up your knowledge on the latest tech from Vivo. Our Branch Manager Sam du Toit has given his valuable insight on a Vivo device.

To stand a chance to WIN a Vivo Y12 valued at R3899 enter our competition on Facebook or YouTube.

  • On Facebook: watch Sam’s video, like our page and tag 3 friends. Every 3 friends tagged in a comment count as an entry.
  • On YouTube: watch Sam’s video, subscribe to our YouTube channel and answer the questions below in the comments section.

Tell us:

  • Which phone Sam is reviewing?
  • What are you most excited about when it comes to this phone?


Winners will be selected at random. Competition closes on the 29 September 2020. The winner will be announced on 30 September 2020 by 16:00.

T’s & C’s Apply –

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The VIVO Y12 Review – A Budget Android phone with great features

Vivo - featured img

Cellucity’s Sam du Toit reviews the Vivo Y12.

About the Vivo Y12:

The Vivo Y12 features a 6.35-inch Halo FullView™ Display with a 19.3:9 aspect ratio. Super-narrow bezels on all sides stretch the screen-to-body ratio to 89%, creating a flagship-standard visual impact. Plus, enjoying such a broad view with only one hand is effortless, thanks to specifically designed gesture controls.

When you see the world through an AI Triple Camera, creating photographic masterpieces is easier than ever. Y12 features a triple camera setup with a 13MP Main Camera, 8MP Super Wide-Angle Camera, and 2MP Depth Camera. From magnificent landscapes to beautiful portraits, these three cameras help you capture your most impressive shots effortlessly.

Y12’s AI Super-Wide-Angle Camera expands your view to 120°, so you can capture more landscape, more of your friends, and more impressive pictures. Y12 features an industry-leading 5,000mAh battery, supported by intelligent power-saving technologies to further extend battery life.

Y12 runs on an octa-core processor with a 12nm design and clock speeds of up to 2.0GHz. Its 3GB RAM and 64GB ROM allow you to store more apps and have them run smoother. Plus, Y12 features Vivo’s Funtouch OS 9, a customized operating system based on Android 9.0. Your Y12 can handle whatever you throw at it with ease.

Ultra Game Mode is designed for the ultimate in gaming fun. Play e-sports like a pro by using Competition Mode, which allocates system resources to prioritize your game’s performance. And when it comes to speed, Dual-Turbo is the lightning-fast feature gamers need. By reducing frame-drop, it gives you smoother gaming experience.

Shop for Vivo products on prepaid or contract here:


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Energea Car Charger Range: By our staff – not an ad agency!

Energea car charger featured img

Energea is a leading provider of power solutions for the modern mobile consumer. Energea is committed to delivering power solutions of the highest quality with safety of the highest standards. Today, Energea’s range of power solutions are stylishly designed to meet all needs- from office, travel, home to car.

With advances in fast and wireless charging technologies, we preview the latest high-quality Energea range of car charges available at Cellucity stores nationwide or online here:

Created By: Fuad Rashid at Cellucity Gateway

This is an info video created by our staff as part of our “not another ad agency” campaign. We hope you find them fun and informative.

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Body Glove On Demand Screen Protector Range – By our staff, not an ad agency

body glove logo img

Cellucity is an authorised agent for the Body Glove on-demand screen protector range. These screen protectors are individually machine cut for almost any cellphone, tablet or smartwatch. These screen protectors offer better protection than conventional screen glass. The key benefits are:

  • Ultra-thin so they do not affect the touch sensitivity of your screen
  • Fingerprint sensitive for easy unlocking
  • Shock resistance properties and will not shatter
  • Self-healing for minor scratches
  • Precision machine-cut for almost all cellphone models
  • Ideal for any curved glass cellphone, tablet or smartwatch
  • Available in a Matt or Gloss finish
  • Available at all Cellucity stores – nationwide

By Charne – Cellucity Hemmingways

This is an info video created by our staff as part of our “not another ad agency” campaign. We hope you find them fun and informative.