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Cellucity Launches the Google and Amazon range in time for Christmas

Amazon Echo – 3rd Gen

Smart home speakers are all the rage right now – not only fun and entertaining; they are also useful at helping you plan your day. Set the alarm – no problem, check the weather – no problem. Check the traffic; yes, you probably guessed it – no problem! And, with the festive period around the corner, they make the ideal gift whether you are tech-savvy or a newbie to the world of IoT.

Here at Cellucity, we are not ones to shy away from trends and are excited to be able to offer a range of smart speakers. For our Google lovers, we are happy to be launching the Google Home range. 

Google Home Mini


The Google Home Mini is a stylish compact speaker packed with all the functionality of Google Assistant. Ask it questions or give it commands all hands-free. Although the Google Mini offers incredible sound and exceptional clarity, for those looking for a bit of oomph look no further than the Google Home Assistant Smart Speaker. 

Just like the Google Mini, the Google Home offers Google Assistant but offers enhanced sound, bass and far-field voice recognition for a better all-round experience.

If you are looking for more than just a smart speaker, check out the Smart Home Hub. With all the functionality of the Google Smart Mini and Home, the Home Hub doubles as a digital photo frame and offers the advantage of video playback. 




Google Smart Home Hub



Get your Google Home products on either prepaid or add on to selected Vodacom contracts (exclusive to Cellucity):






Chromecast Ultra

For TV lovers, we are also happy to launch the Google Chromecast. Connect Chromecast to any smart TV. It’s compact and mobile so you can even take it with you on your next holiday. The Chromecast is a must-have to binge all your favourite Netflix and Showmax series and will be available from R849.

And, for those Amazon lovers, we are happy to be launching the Amazon Echo speakers 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen at R999 and R1499 respectively. We are also excited to offer the Amazon Firestick 4K, allowing you to stream your favourite shows and content in 4K. The Firestick will be available from R1299.

All the Google Home and Amazon products are easy to pair, use and are compatible with both Android and iOS. It is important to note that all features may not yet be available in South Africa, but they are working on it. 

These devices are special import directly from the US but have been ICASA approved and will carry a local warranty. 

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Avoid the Hack

When travelling abroad, many of us will rely on public Wifi, whether from a hotel, shopping mall or the restaurant you are enjoying that very expensive ethically sourced cup of coffee from the foothills of some mountain, whose beans that were ingested by a baby panda.

The problem with many of these public Wifi hotspots is that they can be used to hack your credentials, so we strongly suggest not using them to do banking or login to services that require password access.

It is not always possible to wait till you get back to your hotel or accommodation provider to make use of their probably more secure connection. That’s where have a local sim loaded with a data bundle provides you far greater security and peace of mind when travelling abroad.

A worrying development recently revealed at DEF CON, Security conference in August 2019, was the upcoming availability of fake lightning cables:

“Mike Grover, who goes by the pseudonym MG, designed the “O.MG cable” to look and function exactly like a legitimate Lightning cable made by Apple—but they are modified with hardware (including a very tiny wireless access point) that allows a hacker to remotely run various scripts and commands and hijack a targeted device.”*

So next time you run out of battery power and hand your phone over to the barmen or waiter to charge your phone, think twice. Ideally when travelling always use your own cables and if you are forever running out of battery make sure to pack an airline friendly power bank (those that are 10 000mAh or less) to take on your adventures.

And if you ever get stuck without a cable on your travels, make sure you buy an original or at least a certified manufacturer-approved cable. For accessories certified by Apple, they come with an MFI (Made for iPhone) logo, the MFI chips costs around $5 so if the cable you buying is cheaper than that, it’s most likely a fake. You can check which manufacturers are Apple approved by clicking here.

A lot goes into planning the perfect trip, make sure you have your mobile security bases covered before your next adventure. Explore your world with us.

*Sourced from Gizmodo


Established in 1994, Cellucity is a specialist mobile phone retailer and Vodacom’s leading independent, award-winning, dealer. We pride ourselves on offering the best service, innovation, quality brands and innovative products.

For real 24 hour convenience, browse our extensive range of cell phones, accessories and gadgets online or apply for pre-approval on your next contract, upgrade or fibre internet.

Cellucity, the best way to connect to Vodacom.

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Energea NyloTough Cables – Built Stylish. Proven Tough

Energea NyloTough Cable

Rigorously lab-tested to withstand daily abuse, this tough cable is built to deliver robust charging performance, day after day.

  • Comes in Micro-USB, USB-C and Lightning tips
  • 2.4A High-Speed Charge & Sync
  • Dura TwistBraid™ Technology delivers tangle and kink-free charging
  • Bend-tested 30,000 rounds for ultra-flexibility
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty


Available at Cellucity stores nationwide or online here:

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Fibre in your area

When it comes to internets speeds, there can be little denying that Fibre is King. We live in a time where Instant gratification has become the new norm and a slow internet service something that increases the stress levels, heart rate and blood pressure. Let’s be honest, South Africa is well behind many countries around the globe and even in Africa.

tabletBUT, we are catching up – and fast. All the big internet providers are investing heavily in laying fibre across the country with most cities being covered and rollout to the suburbs, complexes and gated communities well under way. The even better news is the cost of Fibre is dropping and there are packages and bundles often cheaper than conventional ADSL.

So, has Fibre been installed in your area? Have you made the switch from ADSL?

If you have answered no to either of those questions this is just for you…

Cellucity has teamed up with Intergro Technologies – a service driven internet provider to assist you in making the switch. Complete our “express your interest form and not only will we keep you informed of the Fibre roll out in your area but when Fibre is available we will be able to offer you competitive internet packages – for your home or business.

So, Why Intergro Technologies?

  • Intergro Technologies has relationships with all the major companies providing the fibre backbone.
  • The Fibre packages are truly uncapped: No throttling, no soft cap, no fair usage policy!
  • You receive a free (VOIP) voice line with your contract with amazingly competitive call rates whether it’s local, mobile or international (international rates dependant on country).
  • You can port your current phone number with ease and you will also receive free call recording for 60 days.
  • Download the Data Dialler app to make and receive VoIP calls on your mobile phone-with free on net calling to anyone with Intergro connect!

Available for home and business users the fibre options vary depending on your needs. For home use the line speed available ranges from 8Mbps to 40 Mbps. Sign up is subject to a 24-month agreement and includes a free modem and installation as well as one free voice line for voice calls (IP telephone required).

For business clients, the line speed available ranges from 10Mbps to 100Mbps. Sign up is subject to a 36-month agreement and includes 4-16 free voice lines depending on package selected. Installation and modem is also free.

Interested? Complete your details here and a Fibre specialist will contact you. If Fibre is not available in your area we will keep you updated and informed – obligation free.

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SONY Xperia™ Ear – The future of Bluetooth – User Review

As an avid multi-tasker I am always on the lookout to make things easier and more efficient for myself. With this in mind the release of the Sony Xperia Ear hit my radar hard. The Xperia Ear is Sony’s new personal assistant, more than a regular Bluetooth headset the interactive Xperia Ear offers a range of cool features at a touch of a button. I was fortunate enough to be able to take this little gadget for a spin. Continue reading SONY Xperia™ Ear – The future of Bluetooth – User Review

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B&O A1 Speaker

One on one, playing music through your phone speakers can do the job. BUT, if you have guests, are throwing a party or just want to sound a room for maximum personal enjoyment, your phone just does not do the job.

In your quest for Bluetooth convenience and ultimate sound you decide on a portable speaker – and a speaker is just a speaker right? No. As with most things in life, there is often a trade-off between brand, quality, and price.

Continue reading B&O A1 Speaker

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Taking a look at the Samsung Gear S3 – It’s a Smart Watch

When smartwatches were first introduced they were clunky, low on functionality, poor on reliability and just downright ugly. 2016 proved to be a big year for smart devices with a huge jumps in quality. It comes as no surprise that Samsung have continued this trend into 2017.

Queue the launch of the Samsung Gear S3 range… Continue reading Taking a look at the Samsung Gear S3 – It’s a Smart Watch

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World’s Most Advanced Kids’ Smartwatch

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You remember it clearly… the day your little one was born; your angel, your cherub. From that moment the primal instinct to protect your child kicks in. From crawling to walking, prams to car seats, you’ve kept your eye on them – perhaps you have even developed eyes at the back of your head? But, the time has come – school, friends, outings. What now? My suggestion, invest in the DokiWatch. Continue reading World’s Most Advanced Kids’ Smartwatch

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Geeky Gift Guide 2016

Christmas is fast approaching and it is so difficult finding the perfect gift for your friends and family so we thought we would offer a little help. If you have a gadget nut to buy for, here’s a few ideas to light up their faces on that special day. Continue reading Geeky Gift Guide 2016