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Orchid Grey

Samsung Galaxy S8 - Orchid Grey

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What’s in the box

whats in the s8 box

Redefine what a phone can do

This is what a perfect balance between form and function looks like. Find out why the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are the best yet.


Introducing the Stunning Infinity Display

The revolutionary design of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+begins from the inside out. We rethought every part of the phone’s layout to break through the confines of the smartphone screen. So all you see is pure content and no bezel. It’s the biggest, most immersive screen on a mobile device of this size. And it’s easy to hold in one hand.


Boundaries removed

The Infinity Display has an incredible end-to-end screen that spill’s over the phone’s sides, forming a completely smooth, continuous surface with no bumps or angles. It’s pure, pristine uninterrupted glass. And it takes up the entire front of the phone, flowing seamlessly into the aluminum shell. The result is a beautifully curved, perfectly symmetrical, singular object.


A Camera built for every moment

Capture life as it happens with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ cameras. The 12MP dual pixel rear camera and the 8MP front camera are so accurate and fast that you won’t miss a moment, day or night.


Security that’s foolproof

Prying eyes are not a problem when you have iris scanning on the Galaxy S8 and S8+. No two irises have the same pattern, not even yours, and they’re nearly impossible to replicate. That means with iris scanning, your phone and its contents open to your eyes only. And when you need to unlock really fast, face recognition is a handy option.


Faster even in the rain

You never really stop using your phone. That’s why the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are driven by the world’s first 10nm processor. Its fast and powerful and increases battery efficiency. Plus, there’s the ability to expand storage, and to work through rain and dust with IP68-rated performance.


Say Hello to Bixby

Bixby completely changes the way you interact with your phone. It’s a personal assistant that understands talk, text and taps so you’re never confined to one mode of communication. It also completely changes the way your search. You don’t even have to ask, just show Bixby what you want by opening your camera app. It’s so incredibly easy.


The Phone that breaks barriers

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are designed to be more than just smartphones. They’re designed to change how you capture and view life, whether it’s in 360 degrees or in virtual reality. They’re designed to change how you pay and work on the go. Break down the barriers in your world with the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Smart Switch

Change your phone, easily keep your memories.

From your photos and videos to your contacts and music, Smart Switch lets you easily transfer your memories on your old phone to your new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. Now that you know all the memories are coming with you, you can focus on making new ones with your Galaxy S8 and S8+.


Technology for all

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are built to be more accessible for everyone. A well-thought-out range of technical solutions make it easy for anyone to make full use of the Galaxy S8 and S8+’s advanced capabilities.



Power and Style

Keep your Galaxy S8 or S8+ powered and show off your style with this carefully selected collection of accessories.


Wireless Charging

Built-in wireless capabilities mean you simply place your mobile device on the fast charger pad to begin charging. Faster charging means your total charging time is reduced by up to 50 minutes.

Samsung Wireless Charger


Shoot, share and enjoy your 360° moments easily.

Would you be interested if there was a small camera that could record your special day in 360 better than your own eyes?

The Gear 360 captures vivid scenery from all points of view, without missing any spots, so you can experience living perspectives of special moments. Dual Fisheye lenses with a 180° Field of View create perfect, high resolution 360° images and videos. Especially for people who enjoy outdoor activities, the Gear 360 is the perfect companion device.

*Family and friends can now become part of your special moments when you view your unique Gear 360 content on a Gear Virtual Reality device.

Samsung 360 camera

Gear 360 camera:  – R7499


Experience more than a watch with the Gear S3.

With its timeless exterior and revolutionary interior, the Gear S3 is the smartwatch for the discerning professional. Its comfortable strap, stunning bezel, and crisp always on watch face combine to make a sleek and sophisticated smartwatch. It is ideal for outdoor activities thanks to its water and dust resistant design, built-in GPS and advanced fitness tracking features.


Samsung Gear S3

Gear S3: – R5999


Stay Fit with Style

Its advanced features, such as the standalone GPS and music player, provide you with more accurate fitness tracking and a more enjoyable workout experience.
The Gear Fit2 is IP68 certified for water and dust resistance, so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet come rain or sweat.


Samsung Gear Fit 2


Gear Fit2: – R3299